Exciting announcement for November!

My lovely friend the delectable, delicious Kristen Jade is coming up from Melbourne from 8-12 November, and we’re going to be offering an opportunity for some extremely fun doubles sessions. Kristen is a hedonistic explorer of the senses, an escort, pro Domme and pro sub.

Explore your carnal nature with a hot threesome, or for those more kink inclined we have a variety of delights, including cuckolding, forced bi, double Domination, Dom + sub experiences. Maybe you’d like to experience being bound by my ropes while she has her perverted way with your body? Or blindfolded and restrained with no idea of who is doing what? Maybe you’d like to co-top with Me, in either a scene or learning some new tricks. Perhaps you’ve been kidnapped and forced to submit to our will through a series of interrogations and torture… There are many possibilities, and we love to explore them all. All genders and sexualities welcome.

Come and join us in a perfectly perverse journey through our darkest desires…

Contact Me to arrange the details of your demise…

I’m a hedonist, first and foremost. Cheeky, flirty, and naughty – my mouth doesn’t stop running, even with a gag in it. I’m a submissive and a dominatrix, eagerly switching between the two in order to explore the boundaries of human sexuality. I’m an exhibitionist and a slut, a whore in the bedroom and cloaked in the illusion of class while we’re in public – but you know what I’m really like, under all that finery. My passion is pleasure, giving and receiving, and there’s nothing I won’t do to get what I want. My fantasies have even me ashamed, and talking about some of the shit I’ve done between the sheets makes me blush. 

I’m dark, depraved, bratty, slutty, and downright whorish. And you’ll love every moment of my world.”