Happy Holidays everyone! 

2018’s been a huge year for Me and I’ll post more about that in the next newsletter. 

But to say thanks to everyone for their support I’m having a 25% off sale on ALL of my videos on ManyVids – featuring the gorgeous Kristen Jade and the cheeky siren Aeryn Walker. 

2019 is going to see a lot more smut being created and filmed, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Here’s a sneak peek of an upcoming video featuring Zoey Diamond for the New Year… 

ATTENTION! Cadet Zoey Diamond has been enlisted into Sergeant Lillith’s army of perversion, and there’s a lot of training to be done to polish this gem. From the very start she’s put in her place, and treated like the useless blonde bimbo dog that she is. Lillith collars and leashes her before ordering her to assume the correct positions while administering incentives with various implements of behavioural correction. She has her tissue thin body stocking torn into pieces and her naked body is graffitied with obscenities and painted with spit. Thorough testing of her physical capabilities begins with invasive examinations of her mouth, Lillith pulling on black nitrile gloves to perform the health check, following up with insertion of a large black military grade synthetic cock for her oral training as she gags, chokes and drools. A strict regimen of spanking, flogging, whipping, crops and nipple torturing begins – she is bound to a bondage horse where every limb and body part is restrained while her pert bottom is punished with ever heavier strokes. Zoey struggles to follow the orders as the blows continue to fall and she is painted in the red hues of pain and pleasure – she’s cuffed to a St Andrew’s cross where she is thoroughly whipped, then turned around and given more instruction while she gets slapped in the cunt and thighs. Finally she’s brought to her knees where her pussy is assaulted with a high powered Hitachi and the required orgasms extracted from her shaking, quivering form. She shows much promise, but will she have the strength and will to continue through the rest of training?

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The Examination w/Kristen Jade

Link to Video Here!
I don a doctors coat and a professional bedside manner which is as comforting as it is terrifying. The cold and clinical examination room is ready for Kristen Jade, a beautifully disturbed and troublesome patient who required some *thorough* examinations and unconventional treatments to cure her of her ails… can she be saved? With electro play, speculums and fisting – It’s all for her own good, and compliance is *always* rewarded. For her own safety she’s restrained in a straitjacket, and gagged to stop her from biting her own tongue. Her pussy lips are spread apart and stretched with a speculum for my detailed examination and stimulation. Once I’ve finished the examination it’s time to begin the treatment – I lube up and slowly start stretching out her pussy even farther with my fingers, probing gently at first, until more and more fingers are inserted. She takes my black gloved hand as far into her pussy as she can, farther than she thought she could… electrodes are attached and I take control of her muscles and body at the deepest level to perform my professional duty of care. The treatment appears to succeed, and the writhing, moaning and dripping instruments I remove from her are a testament to this. She will continue to be monitored closely however, and the severity of her condition will require a whole series of invasive procedures

HITACHI AGONY w/Kristen Jade

Hitachi Agony w/Kristen Jade

Link to Video Here!
I’ve captured Kristen Jade and I’m going to have My wicked ways with her.. I know she has a terribly sensitive clit and I’m going to make the most of that. Her delicious body wrapped in a beautiful red harness set that outlines more than it conceals, bound to a chair with coil upon coil of jute rope wrapped around her arms and legs. I tie a Hitachi in between her legs and she squirms in anticipation, then squeals as I turn it on. The sounds that she makes are absolutely adorable, but there’s so much more to come. With the final rope I level the Hitachi into a position that makes her gasp and start to shudder and scream. She can feel the build up, the growing pressure inside her wanting to spill over… and it does, over and over. I attach nipple clamps to her, and the alternating tides of pain and pleasure consume her. She’s cum so many times that it’s painful and she hurls profanities as she bucks and writhes in the chair. I cover her mouth with mine to muffle her screams as I turn up the intensity on the wand, tracing her tongue with my own… I pull aside the slip of fabric that’s between her clit and the vibrator, and that’s when the real screaming begins…


Partial Suspension Fuck w/Kristen Jade

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Step into my parlour… Kristen Jade is ensnared in my webs and learns a valuable lesson. She’s submitted to my ropes today, but I can tell from the sparkle in her eye that her good behaviour isn’t going to last long. But for now she’s pliant and kittenlike as I run my hands and rope over her naked body, bringing her down with Me. I pull her into position and capture her hands, pulling them over her head and exposing her breasts, outlining them in tightening coils of jute rope. As I pull her leg into the air, her brattiness escapes, and she’s kicking at me and taunting. If she wants to play the game, then two can play.. I fold in her leg even more and she gasps as rope begins to pull at her, digging into muscles and drawing out whimpers and even more swearing. I spread her legs with the rope and she squeals as I begin flicking at her swollen clit with my tongue, licking the sweet juices from her lips and penetrating her with my fingers as she screams and wriggles in the inescapable rope. I lower her into position to be able to take my cock in her mouth, and give her a good scare when I do so to put her in her place – on the ground. Her brattiness is gloriously on display though, and the only way to control her is as always to put something in her mouth, or her pussy. The rope holds her splayed and open, a fuckdoll for My use and pleasure. And I do indeed, take my pleasures from her…


Breast Bondage Discipline w/Aeryn Walker

Link to Video Here!
A fun and irreverent breast bondage / discipline session, Unruly student Aeryn Walker meets Headmistress Lillith who has come to her home for a chat about her disappointing performance in class. Miss Walker is bound by Lillith’s web of ropes for her own safety, with her ample cleavage tied up tight and made oh so very sensitive by the tension of jute ropes. Aeryn blisses out in the sweet embrace of Shibari, but she is broken out of her reverie by Headmistress Lillith reminding her of the reasons She came to visit. While being chastised for her poor showing in the classroom her breasts are attacked with a crop, a ruler, a converted sushi mat. She’s hooked up to electrified clamps which send pulses of painful jolts to her poor helpless breasts, while Lillith laughs in amusement at her predicament. The addition of a powerful vibrator adds the waves of pleasure to the onslaught of pain, as Lillith brings her trademark methods of discipline, reward and punishment to the scene. A painful leather flogger is brought out which leaves instant red, raw marks on Aeryn’s breasts, as she is made to count them and thank Mistress for her discipline. Finally, she is given an orgasm after she receives her final set of punishment with a leather studded strap, and she convulses with pleasure and gratitude as her delicious agony ends – and the lesson is concluded… for now.

Have a happy, kinky, sexy and safe holidays everyone.
With love and depravity
Sai Jaiden Lillith