My favourite little deviant Kristen Jade will be in town from 12-17 Feb, and we’re offering some deliciously depraved doubles sessions!

Two lifestyle BDSM players, one embracing a genderfluid Dom/me identity, and one a playful switch tending towards the submissive side – what could go wrong?

Our mutual love of perversion, depravity, and all things erotic brought us together, and our desire to spread these things across the world keeps us going. With experience across the board in a wide range of BDSM, including shibari, impact and painplay, bondage, medical fetish, latex, role-play, sensation play, and much more, our skillsets combine to produce the most delicious perversions unlike any experience you’ve had before.

A lifestyle submissive, Kristen revels in experiencing whatever you wish to lay on them. With particular attention towards slavery, bratting, role-play, impact, and bondage, she’s the perfect submissive to mould into your little desires as she quivers under the hands of two Dominants. Heavily experienced in crash-test subbing, she’s a perfect canvas for the new player to lay their hands on, providing detailed feedback from the submissive’s perspective as Sai teaches you in the practicalities of domination. For those a touch more experienced, she’ll scream and cry, begging and whimpering under you, as she’s subjected to the whims and desires of two Dominants, smiling through it all. She won’t hesitate to remind you of the fact she’s a sadomasochist, however, and for those looking for a double Domme experience – well, she quite enjoys turning the tables and takes great delight in having someone under her feet, literally.

Additionally, the both of us star and produce our own pornography together, for those who are craving to understand our play style before booking. Links are found on our respective social medias. This also means any request to film our session is met with glee, and we both happily embrace performing for – and with – you.

We look forward to hearing from you, and what depravity we can draw out of your heart together…

Kristen & Sai.

Kristen Jade and Sai Jaiden Lillith – Photography by Mischief Lane 2019