Hello My lovers, slaves, pets and perverts! It’s been a busy month and it’s going to get even busier!

I visited Canberra for the second time, and it was just as much of a whirlwind as the first time. From intense Shibari based sessions, to dinner dates, role playing sessions to sensual massages and deliciously sensual bedroom adventures, I’ve had a variety of pleasures across the entire spectrum of eroticism and connection and it’s been an absolute pleasure! I even snuck in a Shibari session with Kristen Jade as well as some naughty filming, which you’ll get to see very soon… I even hit up a local club and had a night out on the town.

Kristen Jade, all tied up with string…


I’ll be touring Melbourne from 15-22 March, and I’ll save a few spots for you if you get in quick, I promise. 😉

I’ve also organised My first tour of Hobart on 4-8 April, which is exciting! It will be my first time visiting, and I’m looking forward to all the adventures.

Canberra, you’re quickly becoming a favourite of mine… I’ll be back on 15-18 April for more delightful frolics.


I’ve had the incredible pleasure of creating a delectable array of content with Kristen Jade, as well as working for the first time with Miss Andrie, publishing content with Aeryn Walker, and completing an epic series with Zoey Diamond! Here’s what’s been released this year so far –

Kristen’s Spanking by Mistress Lillith with Kristen Jade
Lillith’s Finishing School for Extremely Naughty Girls and Boys prides itself on a strict education and an even stricter disciplinary program. This is just one of their stories… Kristen Jade is dragged kicking and screaming into Mistress Lillith’s office, and immediately thrown over a knee. Lillith delivers some warm up spanks as Kristen struggles and squeals, denying their wrong doings. However, soon Lillith’s spankings draw out the truth – that Kristen’s been stealing and sniffing underwear in the girl’s changerooms. Through their protests and kicking, Lillith delivers a stern lecture punctuated by a firm barrage of spankings that begin to turn poor little Kristen’s cute bum a bright shade of pink! Lillith jams a pair of panties into Kristen’s mouth to silence their protests, as well as for the sake of poetic justice. To make sure that the lesson sinks in, Lillith leans Kristen over the table and brings out more tools of learning, her crop and cane. Kristen is treated to a growing number of strokes, while being made to recite “I will not sniff other girls’ panties without their consent.” Once the lesson is made clear, the panties are stuffed back into their mouth and they’re sent back to class, perhaps a little wiser but definitely a lot sorer.

Golden Shower with Kristen Jade
I’ve found Kristen Jade in the shower, just as I’ve really, really needed to use the bathroom. What a wonderful coincidence. Conveniently already on their knees, filthy Kristen knows what they want and what they want is my warm piss splashing all over their naked body. I’ve been holding it in for a long time, and unleash it all onto their tits, belly, thighs and back, it pours down on their pretty little form, as they laugh and giggle and gasp. I love claiming them in one of the most primal ways possible, and their willing hunger for degradation is delicious. There’s more fluid I need to dispose of in them, and the sight of their piss covered body on the shower floor is irresistible. I push them into their own piss, and finger them roughly and we’re both amazingly turned on and laughing. We end up fucking on the floor, slipping around and sliding over each other, first taking them on their back, and then doggy style in the most primal, animalistic ways. After Kristen’s had multiple orgasms I paint their cunt with my cum, mixing my our juices inside them and out. Now, it’s time for that shower, and maybe I’ll let them have one too. 

Messy Ring Gag Blowjob with Kristen Jade
We all know how much Kristen Jade likes to run their mouth… Finally we’ve found a way to keep them quiet AND have some dirty fun at the same time! Well, nothing can keep them quiet but they’re certainly not able to talk anymore. A pretty new ring gag holds their mouth open, wet and waiting for something to fill it. And it’s a good thing that I’m here to help them out! Cheeky Kristen is playfully coy to start with but soon they’re willingly and enthusiastically engaged with putting their mouth to good use. As I use their mouth with my cock, the drool collects and drips all over them, till their breasts and body are wet and glistening… It feels amazing to not have any teeth in the way, just an open warm wet hole for me to use as I see fit. Such a delicious feeling running my cock over their spit covered face, sliding it along the inside of their cheeks and over their eager tongue as they eagerly lick and fuck my cock with their face hole. Finally I use their slick, drool covered tits, grabbing them and fucking them – I do love using their beautiful breasts and the soft, wet, warm flesh sliding over me and their hand pumping away at my cock brings me closer and closer to the edge until I spurt hot cum and make an even bigger mess all over their breasts, chin and face.

Meet Filth Cupcake Pt 1 with Ms Andrie
Starring Miss Andrie as Filth Cupcake, and Sai Jaiden Lillith as Mistress Lillith. Introducing Filth Cupcake, a slave doll created purely for Lillith’s perverted desires. Collared and leashed, clad in red and white, lace, adorned with a latex mask, she’s ready for use, and Lillith is ready to begin testing her. Light touches are the prelude to the pain to be inflicted on this little submissive, and soon she is wound in coils of restrictive rope as Lillith weaves her webs around her. Slowly she’s bound tighter and tighter, with first her arms and then legs taken from her and attached to the antique wooden four poster bed. She’s twisted and tied into a form pleasing to Lillith, granting access to her pretty arse… Lillith spanks and canes her playfully, before revealing and caning her tight little arsehole. She’s flogged, spanked and caned, kept in a suspended state of expectation, made to beg for her own punishments… Finally Lillith decides to release her, but this is just a temporary respite… Filth Cupcake’s delicate form and beautiful cock can endure punishments that Lillith barely scratches the surface of in this installment, but there’s more to come…

Meet Filth Cupcake Pt 2 with Ms Andrie
Starring Miss Andrie (https://twitter.com/Miss_Andrie_x) as Filth Cupcake, and Sai Jaiden Lillith as Mistress Lillith. The depravity continues as Filth Cupcake is once again tied down to the bed by Mistress Lillith – and this time she’s intent on punishing Cupcake’s beautiful cock and balls. Ensuring that no part of her is left unbound, her throbbing member is tightly tied as the sensitivity grows and grows… The stroking and gentle tugging lulls Cupcake into a false sense of security as Lillith starts slapping and caning poor Cupcake’s erect cock. Tiny pegs on her scrotum add the extra edge, a constant hum in the symphony of sensation. Her cries of pain and pleasure meld into one, as the sadistic Lillith smiles and laughs gently, grinding a shiny boot into her cock, trampling and kicking at poor helpless Filth Cupcake. A leather strap of perfect proportions for genital punishment pushes Cupcake to the limits, punctuated by the sharp sounds and shrieks as Lillith canes the tip of her poor sensitive cock… Stay tuned for the final part of Filth Cupcake’s very first playtime with Mistress Lillith.

Titfuck Delight with Aeryn Walker
Sometimes the simple things are the best… like a wonderful tit fucking session with delightful Aeryn Walker. An afternoon of fun opens up with Aeryn and Sai Jaiden Lillith deciding to creatively use some coconut oil to heat things up… Aeryn begins with a sensual blow job on Jaiden’s delicious cock, but things escalate swiftly as she removes her top and covers her beautiful breasts liberally in coconut oil before Jaiden slides their cock between them. Aeryn works her breasts furiously to pleasure Jaiden as they moan with pleasure. Briefly distracted with playing with herself as she sucks on their cock, more tit fucking ensues before Aeryn takes matters and Jaiden’s cock into her own hands… The scene concludes with a passionate face fucking before Jaiden empties a load down Aeryn’s throat, and she swallows it all, like the good little pervert that she is.

Drilling for Diamond Pt 2 with Zoey Diamond
Cadet Zoey Diamond’s training continues as the unforgiving Sergeant Lillith continues to blur the lines between pleasure and pain. With a military grade vibrator on hand, her pussy is alternatively punished and pleasured as she struggles to remember her orders. Next she’s attached to a St Andrew’s cross to hold her in place while her nipples are pegged, squeezed and twisted, all in the name of Lillith’s twisted desires. She’s spat on and humiliated as Lillith delivers spanking to her pussy and thighs – her useless mouth and throat are trained with a large black silicone cock as she gags and drools. To add insult to injury Lillith uses the wet spit covered cock to beat her pussy before spinning her around to prepare her for a flogging to push her body further than it has ever gone. And yet, there is more to come… Part 3 will be launched next week! See the conclusion of Cadet Zoey’s journey into the depths of her first submission, and how far Sergeant Lillith takes her… Starring Zoey Diamond – www.manyvids.com/Profile/1002061451/ZoeyDiamond1/

Drilling for Diamond Pt 3 with Zoey Diamond
The final installment of Drilling for Diamond! Cadet Zoey Diamond’s gruelling training session under the depraved Sergeant Lillith cums to an end, as Lillith pushes Zoey to the limits. Unfurling a black multi tailed whip, Lillith unleashes it on Zoey’s quivering back, drawing cries of pain as her tender body splayed on the St Andrew’s cross is whipped and marked. Weaving between sensuality and sadism, Zoey is kept guessing as to whether she will feel cruelty or kindness – and even a cup of water is used to further humiliate and degrade her. Zoey’s made to crawl with a vibrator clamped between her legs, and Lillith straddles her as both spit and more blows from the crop rain down on her battered body. Finally her clitoris is relentlessly assaulted with the vibrator as she’s made to cum again and again until she’s exhausted. Every facet thoroughly tested, humiliated and degraded, Cadet Zoey Diamond thanks Sergeant Lillith for choosing to take the time to break such a worthless piece of trash like her. www.manyvids.com/Profile/1002061451/ZoeyDiamond1/


In other news, my band ZCluster is close to releasing our first remix EP, which features a host of our friends and amazing artists such as V, Incub8, Isserley, Sleepless Droids, Voidloss, INfest8, and SCAR. We’re also close to releasing our second EP which I am beyond happy with. I’m truly blessed to work with such a talented producer and friend.

Life has been exciting, and there’s been much tying, playing and journeying – some of it hard, challenging and life changing. I’m looking forward to what the future will bring, whatever it is, thanks for coming on this journey with Me.

Sai Jaiden Lillith