It’s going to be My first time down in Hobart, and I’m very much looking forward to exploring the hidden wonders that your city has to offer… Why not take me out on the town? For a delightful tryst at your place? Or we could have a night in at my own accommodations, and explore all kinds of delicious connections and sensuality. Whether it’s just lighthearted and comfortable company, a gentle touch or a passionate night of the pleasures of the flesh, I love the possibilities and potentials of the unknown…

For those so inclined to the kinkier side of things, I’m a passionate and creative dominant, with an imagination full of devious ideas and a love of travelling deep, deep down the rabbit hole… I do love my ropes and toys, and I enjoy nothing more than creating a symphony of sensations and drawing out your deepest and darkest desires – with me you can be free to indulge in the most sinful of indulgences, and be brought back safe and held in my arms. Playful, sadistic, seductive, but always present there with you – in the moment. 

I’ll be travelling with my partner in crime Kristen Jade, we’re hedonistic, sadistic and masochistic – Double Dom/me, Dom/me and Sub, or the fantasy threesome of your dreams. Sensual, playful, passionate, maybe even disturbing.

Come and play with us.