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“Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the journey. All who session with you, all who have been taught by you or worked alongside you at Temple 22 leave rave reviews and are left thirsting for more.” Mistress Ruben, Temple 22

“I was nervous about my time with Mistress Lillith, but I had no need to be. Within minutes she had me under her spell, eagerly awaiting each delicious new sensation. She expertly teased me and toyed with me, reading my body beautifully. She was very attentive, incorporating all of the elements I had mentioned wonderfully, as well as delightful and unexpected surprises. My only regret? Being so blissed out and in my body that I didn’t open my eyes more to drink in her stunning image above me. I cannot recommend making time to see Mistress Lillith highly enough, a truly incredible experience awaits you!” Nora Nymph

“This was my first time seeing a professional, my first time with rope and my first time with an experienced person in BDSM. I had originally only booked one session, but it was so mind blowing and addicting that I just had to book another one almost straight away and I’m already dreaming of our third session together. Jaiden took what I wanted and added so much more to the experience that it went into the realm of my ultimate fantasies.” – Carina

First suspension with Jaiden Lillith. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and alone in my life – but with so much strength in the loneliness. I’m aware I don’t experience rope like most bunnies seem to but Jaiden gave me strength when I was feeling so alone, I found strength in being by myself thanks to them. And being able to sit here afterwards, so strong in – and by – myself, is a greater gift than I ever could’ve thought possible. Thank you.” – Kristen (Suspension Shibari / Waxplay session)

“Just want to say I had a wonderful time at the (Domina) Party tonight. I feel like you know all my darkest desires! I really like your style, from the subtle whispers of “Good girl” to the gentle caressing before the harsh whip. You’re like my role model , when I channel my domme side. Graceful, gentle but firm…. You’ve all been wonderful in taking my S & M virginity.”Tiffany / Tim (Domina Parties – Obey)

“It was as if you wrapped a rope around all the shattered pieces of myself and drew them back into me. It was like coming home.” – K (Shibari session)
“That was amazing, that was beyond all of my expectations. You just took six months of pent up energy and released it…. I should have come to you earlier. There are no words to describe it. Thank you!” – B (Shibari / Headmistress – School Girl session)

“That was out of this world. Everything I expected and more.” – B (Medical / Interrogation / Electroplay) 


Helpless, blindfolded, anticipation building deliciously… rough cord of a rope dragging slowly across your skin, tightening and constricting around you. Hot breath tantalizing and teasing, the sharp sting of a crop, paddle, teeth or whip, your mind and body given over, every reaction and opening revealed explored and treated… accordingly.
Welcome to the world of Jaiden Lillith – Master, MistressEscortProDom/me, EducatorShibari artist – living a life in exploration of sexual and social freedom, philosophy, human nature, BDSM and eroticism. I offer sessions, appointments, lessons and performances to all who inquire respectfully.
A lifestyle BDSM Switch and unashamedly gender fluid. I do not believe in binaries or absolutes of gender or personality. I was born biologically male but I have always embraced both feminine and masculine sexual identities. I enjoy playing across the entire spectrum of possibilities – the beauty of connection and all the ways in which it can be expressed.

Based in Melbourne and available Australia wide, as a Dom/me I am a deeply passionate sensual sadist, cruel and playful in equal measure, bringing a touch of the exotic and theatrical to our time together. I currently session as Mistress Lillith and Master Jaiden across a range of private and commercial dungeons such as Fetish House in Melbourne, as well as taking outcalls and Fly Me To You bookings.

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Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) is my singular passion and I love the powerful sense of connection, immersion and submission found within those coils. With me you can anticipate an appreciation for subtlety and delight in seduction – everything from gentle sensuality, intense erotic exploration, all the way to extreme edge play. I’ve studied with riggers and institutions such as Osada Steve (Jap), Nawashi Kanna (Jap), Sydney Rope Dojo and Studio Kink. I am available for both Shibari focussed sessions or public / private performances, so get in touch!

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As an Escort I enjoy delving into possibilities that we create together – whether through a simple night in, the art of conversation, as your companion at a social event, a sensual massage with a glass of wine, or more. I am every bit as adept at pleasure as I am with pain – to explore desire in its many forms is my passion. I look after my body as I do my mind, and my lean, androgynous dancer’s frame is carried with an easy, seductive grace that turns the heads of men and women alike. Whether as your classy dinner date, attentive lover or kinky bedroom explorer,  in our time together my attentions are solely yours.
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I have a keen interest in exploration and helping others find their voices and tools they need for their own journeys into kink. As such I offer workshops and private lessons in my areas of expertise.
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Along with my life of kink I have a keen interest in psychology, philosophy, and a range of artistic pursuits. I am a musician and a writer of both poetry and fiction, erotic and speculative. This creativity, passion, and genuine love for connection are what I bring to my encounters, play, performances and sessions. I’ve always been interested in exploration of others, of limits, of the depths and desires of human nature. I pursue my pleasures with the same vigour as my artistic and professional pursuits.
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