Melbourne Tour coming up – OzKinkFest, Fetish Expo, Workshops, Sessions! 15 – 23 September

Melbourne, prepare yourselves! I’m heading down once again from 15-23rd September for the entirety of OzKinkFest for performances, workshops and delightful kink and sexy adventures with those who wish to come on a journey with Me.

I’m offering a limited number of one-on-one sessions this time round in Melbourne, and spots are filling up quickly, so if you wish to explore your dark desires with me, contact me at with your name, desired session type and any proposed dates or times. My available dates and times currently are

Sunday 12pm-midnight
Monday 12pm-6pm
Tuesday 12pm-midnight
Thursday 12pm-4pm,

I’m also teaming up with the delicious Aeryn Walker to offer some doubles sessions for those who think they can handle the two of us together. Do it if you dare, but don’t say we didn’t warn you! Contact Me via for details and to book your demise!


My Rope Dancer and partner in crime Amirah and I will be putting on Shibari performances at the Fetish Expo (Alternative Lifestyle Expo) at 3:30pm, as well as at The Afterparty at 10:30pm on 15th September. We’ll also be found at the Sanctuary stall at the Fetish Expo so come by and say hello!

We’ll also be hosting two of our favourite topics – Genitorture and Rough Body Play as workshops at the Weekend Intensives on 22nd September with a host of other fantastic kink and sexuality educators from Australia and around the globe!

Genital torture, CBT… These words can be used to terrify and arouse. Many people would love to try it, but don’t know where to start, or are afraid of leaving a permanent injury.
The workshop will show you how to get started with a range of techniques ranging from the physical to the psychological.
Participation not required, but definitely encouraged.

To purchase your ticket for this event, check out our ticketing options here:

Once you have your OKF Workshop Pass, feel free to register for this event at


Sometimes we like it rough! Learning how to play rough with your partner is fun and cam be incredibly therapeutic. We will teach you techniques that we have learnt to do this safely and also the psychological effects and arousal that come about through this visceral and hands on workshop.

This workshop will require a lot of space and physical activity. Participation is essential!

To purchase your ticket for this event, check out our ticketing options here:

Once you’ve purchased your OKF Workshop Pass, you can register for this workshop here:

Domina Parties Strap on / Forced Bi & Adoration Foot Party this weekend!

Hello my perverted fiends, pets and slaves!

Thrilled to once again be part of the delicious decadence of the Domina Parties this month, which will be happening this weekend on the 25th of August.

I’ll be joining Miss Penelope Dreadful and Miss Tallula Darling for a full day of enticing exploration – we’re going to explore deep, deep inside you during the Strap on / Forced Bi party, and then you’ll have the opportunity to satiate your lust for all things feet related in the Adoration Foot Party. I love exploring all the possibilities of different kinks and new experiences, and holding and guiding you through unfamiliar territories, or back into those favourite secret places that you’ve yearned to get back to. And if you’ve lusted after experiencing a real cock after all those fantasies, well this is your chance during the Strap on / Forced Bi party, for the amusement and pleasures of your Mistresses. Then tend to our beautiful shoes and shapely, manicured feet and calves during the Adoration foot party, with your hands, mouths and souls, and then perhaps experience them being used on you in a variety of ways, from trampling to kicking to penetration… Oh my!

What are you waiting for? Join us…



For discounted tickets to attend both the parties contact


It’s time for all thirsty sluts to rejoice! The first Sydney Strap-on and Forced Bi party is finally here to get you all hot and bothered.
Join Miss Penelope DreadfulMistress Lillith and Tallula Darling for a fun-filled afternoon of pegging perversions – I mean dicking diversions! I mean, BUGGER! – at an intimate private Sydney play space.
What every guy really wants is to experience a beautiful Dominant woman wielding a lovely large strap-on. Two or more glorious Dominatrices and their strap-ons are even better – spit roast time!
This party is a great place to be guided and entranced by the dildo of a Domina. Perhaps you’ll be gently seduced into being taken advantage of, or maybe you’ll be taken at will and ordered into all sorts of humiliating positions.
Whichever way it plays out, get ready to party “hard” with a select few other naughty boys who will learn how to suck and do a variety of other activities to amuse the Dominas. Slings and strapons, deepthroating dicks, perhaps the chance to practice your skills on a real cock to the delight of a Domina…
NB:  Discretion is assured – aliases can be used and masks are permitted. Highest safer sex protocol is standard at all of our events.

Event Details: 2pm to 5pm, Saturday 25 August 2018

Address provided by SMS the day before.

Couples are welcome, as are voyeurs and service submissives.
If you would like to attend both events (Strap-on & Forced Bi AND Adoration) there is a discount code available. Email for more information.
ADORATION – Foot Fetish Party
You’ve been actually, literally begging for it, and here it is. Fall to your knees for Adoration.
Join Miss Penelope DreadfulMistress Lillith and Tallula Darling in raptures of joy and paroxysms of delight at the perfection of their delicate peds at an intimate private Sydney play space.
Soft bare skin, pretty painted toes, high curved arches, beautifully curved ankles, long legs, silken stockings, fantasy fishnets, old school seams, high heels, peep toes, platforms, ballet flats, leather boots, patent, pony skin, strapped sandals, or sweaty sneakers…
Does the mere thought of these things make you feel weak at the knees?
A room full of Dominas with beautiful feet and shoes, each of them waiting to have their feet lovingly worshipped.
A foot fetishist’s dream come true!
  • Kiss Goddess’s luscious Louboutins from toe to heel.
  • Lick Mistress’s soft leather thigh boot from bottom to top.
  • Suck the heel in deep until you can feel yourself almost choke.
  • Clean the soles with your tongue.
  • Caress these powerful feet, strengthened by time spent in stilettos, and feel them flex and relax as your massage releases all of the tension.
Play can take the form of worship, shoe and bare foot trampling, face standing and anything else related to the worship of beautiful boots, shoes, feet and legs.

Event Details: 7pm to 10pm, Saturday 25 August 2018

Address provided by SMS on the day.

Couples are welcome, as are voyeurs and service submissives.
If you would like to attend both events (Strap-on & Forced Bi AND Adoration) there is a discount code available. Email for more information.

Neo Tokyo Shibari Performance!

Amirah and I put on one of our trademark circus Shibari performances at the Neo Tokyo – Shibari show on Saturday along with Mistress Tokyo and Lana Zilla. I did a lot of tying of the innocents and not so innocents afterwards, and many first Shibari experiences were given, as well as reconnecting with past rope bunnies.

We love the rush of our high energy performances, and the Industrial EBM beats of Danejer were the perfect accompaniment to our frenzied aerial antics. It was an all round fantastic show, and we’d happily recommend Neo Tokyo’s vibe and events in the future.

Angel in the blue light
Growing wings
As gravity falls
Its tyranny overthrown
We dance, in the circle of light and onlookers. But right now there is nothing and no one, except for us, and the rope, and everything in between.
Fall away, fly away
into the darkness
spinning free

Photography by WhatABigCamera

Zahra Stardust on SBS’s the Feed speaking on Decriminalisation of Sex Work

Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust is my hero.  Fighting the good fight against misrepresentation and negative stereotyping of the sex industry and for the best model of protecting the rights and wellbeing of sex workers, decriminalisation. The view of Julie Bindel, while perhaps well intentioned is unfortunately so very flawed in that it takes the worst experiences of sex workers and casts them as the norm, and totally invalidates the intelligence, strength and fierceness of the majority of the sex workers that I know, their choices in what to do with their bodies and minds and their efforts to create a safe space in the industry for all our peers.

Sex work is work – it is not selling our bodies, it is the provision of labour – emotional, mental and physical, of services, of time.

This is not to discount nor invalidate the experiences of those who have been sold into slavery or exploited and abused.

Again – Sex trafficking is not sex work. Sweatshops are not the fashion industry. Corrupt police officers are not the Police. Paedophile priests are not Christianity, etc etc etc. There are elements within every system which seek to exploit and abuse their fellow humans and the answer is not to eliminate the industries but to make them better and safer.

Decriminalisation, pls. As Zahra said, this is the best model to provide a system where sex workers are free to report workplace health and safety issues without fear of repercussion.

Anyway, watch the video. 

#auspol #sexworkisrealwork #sexworkersrights #descrimVictoria


Such fun times were had at the Domina Parties!

What a gloriously fun time at the Domina Parties with My fellow perverts Penelope Dreadful and Aeryn Walker! From the wild hedonistic abandon of Obey to the intimate delights of restriction in Bound, all who attended were lucky and pleased to receive the attentions of Our wicked minds.

Obey! – The xylophone of lined up bottoms ripe for the spanking, caning and beating – creating a symphony with dynamics ranging from the sensual up to enthusiastically received CBT and ballbusting. Those who were brave enough to withstand the electric kiss of My various toys, from the gentle jolt of the Stinger, to the deeper throbbing of the TENS unit and the very, very brave few who were up to the shock collar and cattle prod. All around slaves were tortured, teased and tantalised in a smorgasboard of foot worship, feminisation, electrics, impact play and of course total obedience to their Mistresses. There were many first times had by those who submitted to Our capricious whims and all who attended embraced the dominion of their Mistresses and were the better for it.

Bound – from the torturous cries of extreme predicament and torture bondage, to the light hearted but all embracing cocooning in saran wrap, to the sensual embrace of ropes, those who attended this were all bound in a variety of ways at the whims of the Dominas. I had the pleasure of introducing one who embraced their feminine aspects to the pleasures of Shibari and candleplay, as well as their very first suspension. They were turned into a damsel in distress on railway tracks, strung up peacefully in the air with hot wax running down their limbs and made into a ballerina. Drawing out their desires and then watching someone give in to the ropes for the first time is always a delight, and I am always appreciative of the trust and opening of self to those hidden places within these exchanges.

It is such a joy to dance through the flow of different energies created by the combination of Our devious minds, and I am blessed to have such delightfully wonderful friends to play with! 💋❤🖤 Aeryn’s innocently evil childlike delight in the moans, cries and squirmings of her victims was adorable, and Penelope was as always a whirling dervish of abandon who holds Her space and those She plays with exquisitely.
LHD Art is an amazing artist and human and she created some lovely pieces during our (miss)adventures, and I look very much forward to seeing what she comes up with in the future.

Thank you to the subs who were so well behaved, respectful and entertaining, many of whom will be carrying souvenirs of their time spent with Us for at least the days to come…. 😈

Stay tuned for the next installment of Domina Parties, coming next month! Sign up to either my mailing list or the list at (or even better, both!) to stay abreast of all future events.

Just want to say I had a wonderful time at the Party tonight. I feel like you know all my darkest desires! I really like your style, from the subtle whispers of “Good girl” to the gentle caressing before the harsh whip. You’re like my role model , when I channel my domme side. Graceful, gentle but firm.  If you can pass my thanks to the other Mistresses, I would be grateful… You’ve all been wonderful in taking my S & M virginity.”Tiffany / Tim

Love Letter Part II

It’s been a long time since I wrote Love Letter, and I return to it now, a thousand footsteps away… Brought back through a chance encounter; that like all encounters with meaning, leaves me changed.
When I remember first moments in rope, I remember a time of desolation where I was lost, broken and alone, trapped in my own frozen hell.
I remember my Rope Mistress who first bound me.
Who introduced me to the ecstacy and transcendence of rope.
Who cradled me and stitched those fragments of bloody flesh, mind and bone with scarlet threads, slowly taking shape.
Who kept binding me till the wounds healed enough to take flight.
Who bade me to run riot, to be wild and free and to live and love again in all the ways I thought lost, and all the ways I never had before.
Who put me on this road I now walk, to pass on the gifts that she gave me – and the gifts she helped me see that I had all along.
The gift of the first time bound, suspended, lifted off the ground and drowned in those waves, to be reborn – brought gently back to the world, rewriting the violent gasping of that first resuscitation.
The gift of reaching deep inside, binding broken parts, lifted from the ground; freed from the tyranny of gravity.
The gift of creating that moment – in whatever form that takes – time and time again with play partners, lovers, audiences or clients – that sacred moment, the gift passed on and on and on.
The scars are the shapes of the wounded, but the way they healed hold the marks of those who stitched them.
Each time I tie, I honour my Sensei/s, my rope partner, myself, but in every moment of rope I honour her, the one who helped open up my heart again. If not for myself, then for Her must I live truly in this new chance, new life.
Since then… There has been love, there has been heartbreak, there have been beautiful experiences, exquisitely bittersweet, ephemeral joy, the crushing leaden weight of despair. I feel it all, most times I feel so much that it threatens to overwhelm me. But…
The heart remains open.
As much as sometimes the intensity of the feelings makes a heart scream to shut, to close off, to harden like a rock, to protect itself from the pain and the sorrow – to do so would also calcify those shimmering moments, those ecstatic gifts that also are found in that maelstrom.
Is this familiar?
I am not content in the temperate, the mild. I thrive in the storm, the change, the violent downpour, the wind. The unearthly stillness. The thrill of new love, the flames of a long burning fire, banking and rising over time. The joy of discovery. The danger of walking along the edge. Alchemy and transformation.
This is how I tie. This is how I sing. This is how I write. This is how I love, how I live, how I need to be.
The heart remains open.
Opening myself so that you can open to me. Finding the place that you need to be and leading you on the journey that takes us there. Opening up so that every movement, every beat, every breath is magnified in consciousness. Opening up to create and hold that space in which we become more than the sum of our parts. Throwing myself into it with everything that I have, as if each moment would be the last. As if we were the only ones in the world.
My life thrives on fluidity, on shifting boundaries, being able to dance with those blurring lines. The Flow. The patterns are never fixed, even within the same shapes – the rhythm, the energy within the act is something that can never be conveyed by mere sight or words. The nuances of the desire for “intimate”, “sensual”, “torturous”, “beautiful”, “sexual” rope, coupled with the circumstances and picture of the self that are drawn out by the inferred and the implied, not just the stated. The stated obvious is ideal for boundaries and consent – no grey areas there. But the depth of a session for me comes from breaking through the surface and finding what lies between the lines – to grasp the currents of the energies that we play with, the ineffable, the transcendent. Flowing with the changes from moment to moment.
Like martial arts, you learn a pattern so that it becomes reflex, so that you can react instinctively to incoming blows or openings.
Like music, you learn a pattern so that you can forget that you knew it – yet the possibilities that it teaches you are what allows you to weave improvisations and pull out seemingly spontaneous compositions.
Some patterns must be rewritten. Patterns can be learnt, inflicted, absorbed which become prisons, pathways to frozen hells. You can only break a pattern with a new one – and I find that within new connections, finding new patterns in others and holding them against my own. The sum is greater than the whole and we are not just the patterns, the patterns are not the objective.
It is our passion which breathes life into the patterns.
Stillness. The moment of the gathering storm, the aftermath of the downpour, the moment of suspension, when we draw out the time into infinity. Where reflection is found, breath so slow it’s not so much held as cradled. When the fluidity settles into the container that has been built, just for
This moment.
Alchemy. Transformation. Of myself, of you, of others. A catalyst, an agent – mischief and mayhem, music and sex, life and death. Tasting the pain, the sorrow, the agonies and loneliness and transmuting them into golden threads. Creating beauty, shapes and configurations that change us. Where the storm can rage over us, and leave us in that stillness after. To play joyfully and teasingly, like the childhoods that were long past or never had. To hold and create that space where all else fades away, and there is only the death, the rebirth, the breath that gives new life. To fold you into a new configuration, then strip the ropes from you like clothing, like skin.
To welcome you home. 
There have been so many new patterns, connections, first times and experiences and life is all the richer for it. Fractals – the myriad combinations and interplay of energy and their exponential divergences of time, circumstance, multiplying possibilities.
Change can bring fear. A situation which seems familiar and linked to an old pattern of pain, can bring fear. But change is how we rewrite those patterns. Maturity is not about a slow settling into entropy and dust. Maturity is about knowing when the time is right to move. About having the courage to embrace the change. Because the only thing past the fear, is the cessation of that fear either in its realisation or negation. The fear is paralysis. The fear is stagnation. Movement is how we create distance from those events. Or bring us closer to each other and home. Trust, belief that we can be strong enough to change, to move, in this present to write futures away from past endings.
Each time I tie
Each time I touch
Each time I delve as deep as I can
Into the unfamiliar, into the unknown, into another shape, another soul.
Into you, again, and again, and again, another moment, another shape, a familiar soul.
A glowing web of hearts, bodies and minds over time and space. Understanding, companionship and connections in all their forms.
We could close our hearts. We could live in fear. We could stop moving. We could accept what we’ve been programmed into believing. We could die that slow, lingering death of a thousand cuts and denials. Or, we could not.
Like the first time we tied – and we were opening to each other
My heart
To those who feel so very much, to those who walk a different path, to those who struggle, to those who fall, to those who rise, to those I’ve found, to those I lost, to those I’ve found again, this is for you. This love letter. To those brave enough.

My Debut at the Sydney Domina Parties

I’m looking forward to My first appearance at the infamous Sydney Domina Parties, with my dear sisters in perversion and pleasure – Miss Penelope Dreadful, Aeryn Walker and Mistress Sindy Skin.

Discount code is available if you’d like to join us all day. Email to enquire.

Are you looking to attend a private Domme party, BDSM party, fetish party or multi slave party?
Do you wish you could attend some of the hottest, most exclusive parties in Australia – where you can meet and play with not just one Dominatrix, but a small group of beautiful, assertive, professional and lifestyle Dominatrices?

Domina Parties successfully bridges the gap between large, public fetish clubs and professional one-to-one sessions. Whilst clubs can be intimidating to someone who, as a stranger to the scene, may not even be spoken to, let alone get involved in the BDSM play they crave, a professional one-to-one session can be daunting for other reasons. Placing yourself at the mercy of someone you have never met and may not gel with could be scary, and even the thought of arranging it may arouse guilt-ridden feelings as another hurdle to overcome. The reassurance of having the presence of others just like yourself right there in a “private party” atmosphere is the perfect introduction for a nervous newbie wishing to explore BDSM.

Regardless of your experience, we have a party that will suit your comfort level, attended by of some of the most beautiful, talented Dominatrices in Australia. You can feel secure in the knowledge that you are entering a totally welcoming and safe environment. Whatever your leaning, you should feel confident to express yourself and reveal your inner kink at any of our parties without judgement or discrimination.

Rest assured, we always operate in a safe, sane and consensual way. We employ the use of safe words and tailor play to the level the participating submissive is comfortable with, pushing boundaries only where appropriate, or with prior negotiation.

The only rules are:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Have fun!

First up is OBEY – be a slave to the desires of the combined forces of multiple mistresses, among other fellow slaves. 

Join Miss Penelope DreadfulMistress LillithMistress Sindy Skin and Aeryn Walker – Naughty Nerdy for a fun-filled afternoon of playful perversions – I mean diversions! – at an intimate private Sydney play space.

Obey! Or find out what happens when you dare to disobey Sydney’s most demanding Dominas at a private play party dedicated exclusively to all things FemDom.

Will they make an example of you? Take turns using and abusing you? Perhaps they’ll gang up on you, all at once! Or will it be your fate to be forced into a cage and made to watch everyone else having fun? With their deviant imaginations and extensive experience, anything is possible.

Find out more about our Obey! Multi Mistress Parties here

All play is possible, all limits are respected. Submissives of all orientations and experience levels are welcome to join in the femdom fun. Places are strictly limited to ensure quality play, discretion and comfort – you don’t want to miss out!

We will be joined by the incredible LHD art, bringing her unique style of erotic life drawing to the party.

Event Details: 2pm to 5pm, Saturday 14 July 2018
Address provided by SMS the day before.


Secondly, BOUND, an evening of restriction in leather, metal, latex, rope and more… I’ll be tying a lucky few who will get the opportunity to experience My passion for Shibari with Me in an intimate environment, as well as the various restrictive delights that the Mistresses will have in store for you. 

Bound is the ideal opportunity to indulge in the breadth of bondage and restraint that you have dared to dream.

Prepare for entrapment as a fly in a spider’s web – including having lashings of rope wrapped around you, being chained and cuffed, mummified in saran-wrap, secured with duct tape, shrouded in latex, placed in a leather sleep sack, or even left locked in a cage and forced to watch another’s torment.

Do you dream of being left in a cage, cuffed and restrained, strapped down, chained up or simply wrapped in rope whilst left to the mercy of a capricious Dominant Lady?

There is the option of full sensory deprivation or blindfold, and if requested we can feed you specially chosen music or noise to ‘enhance’ your stay. Once immobilised, we might leave you to contemplate your life, or perhaps torment you whilst you’re helpless!

We will be joined by the incredible LHD art, bringing her unique style of erotic life drawing to the party.

Event Details: 7pm to 10pm, Saturday 14 July 2018
Address provided by SMS the day before


Thanks Melbourne! Next up, SEXPO!

Well Melbourne was amazing! I love the town beyond words and I’ll be back next in September for OzKinkFest.

The ZCluster gig at Swamplands in Thornbury was fantastic, below is some footage from the show where you can see for yourself.

It was an honour and a privilege to have attended the Hajime Kinoko Masterclass and to share in his philosophy and skills. A big thanks to Misty Latex for being my rope partner for the day.

The FYPM event was a wild, good time, with hilarious stand up and performances ranging from comedic to stunning dance numbers and a room full of my fellow sex workers. Misty and I mesmerised the crowd with our Shibari performance, and it was a pleasure to introduce Shibari to a whole new audience. A round of heartfelt applause goes to Chase Paradise for putting this event on.

As always, sessioning at Fetish House was an absolute pleasure, and it was wonderful to reconnect with my Sisters there. I took the opportunity to tie with Switch Tash and give her an introduction to suspension bondage, which she took to like a natural. I also took the opportunity to restrain one of the unruly rooms.



I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to assist Mistress Tokyo, Mystress Electra Amore and Avalon this weekend, and will be helping to man the Fetish Room at SEXPO this year. I’ll be there to answer questions and perhaps do a quick Shibari demonstration or two. They’ll be presenting a massive total of 35 workshops over the Festival, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from these powerhouses of Australian BDSM.

Please check out Mistress Tokyo’s blog for the full details on her involvement with SEXPO. She’ll be putting on two stunning performances with Paloma Negra in Her own “unique oeuvre of Shibari X Trapeze.”

Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to head over to the website to get yours before the weekend.

See you in the Fetish Room!

Sai Jaiden Lillith

Touring Melbourne 2-9 June – Music, Passion and Mayhem

Melbourne, prepare yourselves.
I will be heading to Melbourne 2-9 June, for both creative and nefarious purposes.
My Industrial / Electro / Fetish project ZCluster will be playing at Dark Marq. at Swamplands on Saturday the 2nd of June. I’ll be stalking across the stage and singing songs of love, lust, loss and dark desires – so join me on this dark journey.
It’s my honour to be attending a Masterclass Shibari Workshop with none other than Kinoko Hajime, renowned Shibari performer and artist – known for their dynamic and modern interpretation of this ancient erotic bondage practice.
Fetish House will be my playground of choice again on this journey, and I will be there on 5-6 June (Wed/Thu), 4-10pm. Sessions outside of this time will have to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. One of the things I love about Fetish House is how Shibari friendly almost every single room on the premises is – it really allows Me to spread my wings and ropes, and create some truly deliciously evil webs. Of course, I’ll be looking forward to indulging in all of my trademark sadistic and sensual techniques to seduce both fresh blood and loyal submissives alike… If you’ve never experienced My distinctive style, now’s your chance…
I’ll also be putting on a Shibari performance at an Industry event, “Fuck You Pay Me” hosted by the infamous stripper comic, Chase Paradise. Fellow sex workers, come along and party down with Me at this social event!
I’ll be working on my pornographic debut with the delicious Aeryn Walker… I’ve been looking forward to catching up with this delicious damsel of perversion, so be prepared for some very sexy mischief and mayhem in the very near future…
And of course, I’ll be taking bookings for social and sensual engagements… why not share a night out, or in with Me? I promise you it will be one to remember.
Come see Me, on stage, in the dungeon, or book some private time for a date, dinner and more.
– Prodom/me – Escort – Musician – Performer –

FOSTA-SESTA Amendments, effects on Sex Work and personal freedom.

More information on how the FOSTA-SESTA amendments are affecting sex workers especially in the US. Forums for support are being shut down. Sites which help to screen potentially abusive clients are in danger. Those affected are free or low cost advertising which affects the most vulnerable of my fellow workers. Google drive files on sex work advocacy are being deleted by Google. This is all going to serve to make sex work increasingly dangerous by forcing workers to go back on the streets, and ironically be even more at risk of sex-trafficking scenarios by having to utilise pimps in potentially abusive relationships.

The real needs, as espoused by Sex-trafficking survivors and advocates are providing housing, job prospects and integration for those genuinely affected or victims of sex-trafficking. None of this has occurred. No strategies in place for those who wish to move out of sex-work. Nothing. Just knee-jerk laws pushed by conservatives, anti-sex work groups, religious organisations, and people with no experience in the sex-industry using “trafficking” as a buzz word to directly affect the wellbeing and livelihoods of hard working people.

Sex work is work. It is the world’s oldest profession. It will never, ever be eliminated nor should it. Working in the industry in various forms has given me real opportunities, personal growth and a sense of purpose and fulfilment in my life. Sure there’s been some really shitty times, but as a whole I’ve been happier than I ever have been. And the same for many of my friends and coworkers.

We are intelligent, hard working people who fulfil a need in the community. There are people from all walks of life and all situations as in any industry out there. But this is where I’ve found my second home.

Real policies and strategies to eliminate and battle sex trafficking are required, not this mass censorship of the internet. This is opening the doorway wider to mass control of a democratic medium.

Fight against this.