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Interview for Adultsmart Blog 19/03/2018

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VIP Interview With Jaiden Lillith Escort, BDSM Professional And Lifestyle Switch

Jaiden Lillith is a gentleman, lady, escort, professional Dom/me, educator and a Shibari artist. A BDSM switch who delves into the world of both feminine and masculine sexual identities, the name JaidenLillith is divided into two worlds with Master Jaiden and Mistress Lillith. With an open mind and sex-positive views on life, they enjoy the idea of exploring and experimenting with all the facets of a person’s sexuality while placing an important emphasis on the beauty of connection in all the possible ways.

Jaiden can be found in Sydney at Temple 22 or in Melbourne at Fetish House and can be booked for private sessions, lessons and public performances. Jaiden is a sadist, inflicting pain and humiliation for pleasure with experiences that are indepth, seductive, subtle, theatrical and exotic. Jaiden has a large selection of BDSM toys to choose from ranging from crops, whips, ropes, restraint systems and so much more. Most importantly Jaiden Lillith is in complete control of all encounters with years of experiences and knowledge that has been gained from training with the best within the BDSM, fetish and kink community. All professional business is handled with complete discretion.

This is a VIP interview with Jaiden Lillith which explores Jaiden’s inspirations, gender fluidity, BDSM play, shibari and exploring the world of people’s sexual lifestyles.

BDSM master and mistress
Image: Jaiden Lillith at Temple22

Tell me about yourself

My name is Jaiden Lillith, I am an escort, BDSM professional and lifestyle switch, kink educator, Shibari performer and musician.

What inspired you to become a professional BDSM practitioner, performer and educator?

I’ve always been inspired to connect with others and create a unique intimate space in art as a musician, creator and performer, to be able to deeply affect others and to take people on a journey. I’m also a very sexual, passionate and sensual person with a love of pushing boundaries and exploring the edges of the human mind, psychology and desire. Sex work and BDSM have given me the opportunity bring those passions together and to deeply affect, explore and enter people’s minds and bodies on a very intimate level.

In terms of education I love imparting knowledge to people and helping them on their journeys. I get a deep satisfaction from seeing others take the knowledge and becoming proficient with it – their victories feel like my victories. I also feel like I’m corrupting the world, which makes me happy, haha!

What inspires you?

Everything! Talking to my fellow practitioners about their own experiences as well as having the honour to witness them work and play is definitely something that inspires me on a day to day basis.

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

I first read this in William S Burrough’s “Naked Lunch”, itself a great inspiration to me with its mixture of surreality, alien sexuality and evocative language. This quote to me embodies our essential freedom of self and also the responsibilities inherent in that – that we are the creators of our own destinies and are free to explore the possibilities – the only barriers in many instances are only those of our own creation. That always inspired me to seek out alternate means of existence, of connection, of sexuality and ways of thinking – of stepping outside of the codes of morality by majority and the cultural norms.

The same transcendent feeling I get from experiencing great art, and especially the visceral and dynamic nature of music is something I try to bring to my sessions. Jung and Nietzsche have also shaped my philosophies and attitudes with their writings on the subconscious and power dynamics respectively, which gives a lot of meaning to what I do. There is an amazing quote from Dune by Frank Herbert which is something that I think of often.

 “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

I think there is a lot of bravery involved in submission, and I have respect and empathy for those who choose to truly submit, and honor their trust and gift with the utmost care and compassion, even and especially within the most extreme of sessions.

What is it like being gender fluid mistress and master?

There are different energies and headspaces inherent in whether I am Mistress Lillith, Master Jaiden or Sai Jaiden Lillith, drawing varying amounts of feminine and masculine embodiment – but all of my faces are true, they are aspects that I can bring to the fore as opposed to masks that I wear, like my own spirit animals that I can call upon for their strengths, my others.

There is a history within many ancient cultures of those existing outside the binary norms of gender and identity taking a shaman-like or spiritual role in their society and I like to think that in some way I am a part of that tradition. Being an outsider frees you from many of the societal constraints that identifying with a binary can make you feel compelled to do which is liberating but can also be isolating.

BDSM professional
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How does being Gender Fluid benefit affect your BDSM practices?

It gives me a range of interactions and experiences as well as a play partner/client base which I wouldn’t find as otherwise. As someone who has found submission as well as dominance in both masculine and feminine oriented roles, I can draw on from many different perspectives with an understanding of how energy flows in different configurations.

I see a lot of feminisation clients who wouldn’t be interested in a CIS presenting male or aren’t interested in that kind of interaction with a female. They choose me because they can see that I understand in a way that many practitioners don’t from an experiential sense. There are also those who don’t want a hyper-masculine master interaction, but find something enticing and seductive in a biological male who embodies many feminine aspects. Those who feel themselves to be more fluid or identifying as a gender other than they were assigned at birth also find an immediate sense of identification and rapport with me.

In terms of play, my stance, affect, voice, bearing, the way I touch, the way I hurt, it all changes between those selves. It’s not a series of small things that I do consciously, but it’s more that when I inhabit those personas it changes the way I do things.

In a more practical sense, it means I have at least two, if not three entire wardrobes of clothing to maintain….

How did you gain skills for BDSM, shibari and kink play?

I’m an intuitive person and I pick things up very quickly. I’m a big believer in experiencing things first hand – as a switch I’ve experienced the delights and power of submission and I’ve found that that has given me some of the best insights into how I choose to engage. Play parties, learning with people and growing with them personally, on the job experience, training sessions and skill exchanges with other BDSM professionals.

Being an empath, I’m very sensitive to the emotions of others and this helps me to create connective sessions and to keep things safe. I began shibari as a rope bottom, and experiencing the intoxication of subspace was crucial to me in understanding the potential of the rope, and having found that space I love leading others into it and enjoying the energies from the top side of things. I was very lucky to have begun my rope journey with an incredible female rigger, whose style greatly influenced and still influences my shibari.

Attending workshops and being trained by places such as Sydney Rope Dojo, Studio Kink and intensive workshops with international shibari practitioners such as Nawashi Kanna and Osada Steve have also provided me with a swift growth in my shibari skills. I’ve also been lucky to have been friends with, worked with and have drawn on the knowledge of some of the great professional and lifestyle dominants in our local scene such as Tallula Darling, Artemisia DeVine, Penelope Dreadful, Domina V and Mistress Tokyo. There have also been a lot of transferrable mental skills from creative aspects such as being a performer and a musician and composer in terms of creating and holding a space.

I am always learning, always growing

What are your favourite memories from working as a BDSM practitioner?

My best memories as a BDSM practitioner are those sessions which take people deep, and leave them (and me) strongly affected. Being with them laughing, crying, holding them, that sense of aftermath is beautiful. Stroking the head of a man who was so affected by their experience that they were thanking me in tears as I stroked their head. Those so affected by the rope that they just lay in my lap smiling for a good long while after the session ended. The face of a man who upon opening their eyes in front of a mirror, was deeply and beautifully affected to find a feminized self-staring back at him. A hardcore interrogation session where all of my electro toys were and a large number of medical implements were used, and a person who embraced their role with gusto so that we had an amazingly fun experience together. An interrogation/sexual training/shibari session where the person who entered the room shy and feeling guilt about their kinks was by the end gleefully lost in abandon. All these moments and more are some of my most treasured memories.

Professional escort
Image: Jaiden Lillith With Bondage Ropes

Performance highlights would be performing at OzKinkFest – it was an amazing experience to be alongside such great performers and artists like Avalon, Mistress Tokyo and more. I also pushed myself and my rope bottom to the limits during the performance, which is always an intoxicating feeling.

I think the workshops at OzKinkFest have to be the highlight of my educational career so far, especially the Genitorture workshop. It was delightful running through free flowing mini sessions, and the class cheering on as I made my workshop partner electrocute herself on the anus by making her press the button of the shock device was great! That also ranks as one of her favourite memories, by the way.

What do you find satisfying about being in sex work and being a professional dominant?

In both, it is sharing the moments of vulnerability and making a deep connection with them. Being a professional dominant allows me to explore the inner workings of people. It is a privilege having them open up to me, finding their personal blueprints and the road to their desires, the frisson between what they think they need and what they actually need.

Finding that moment of vulnerability, seeing the look of surrender and the intensity of the sensations and feelings, the satisfaction of unlocking someone’s authentic self and helping them find that moment of release. Feeling like I’ve helped someone overcome their own barriers.

Being able to witness and hold people in these incredibly cathartic moments, walking them through these intense experiences, getting to unleash my sadist, parts of myself which could manifest in negative ways but within these contexts are positive is incredibly liberating and affirming.

You are known for your shibari work, what do you find satisfying about shibari?

I love the ropes! They provide a tool of sensual/sadistic/sexual connection that is so versatile. You can wrap someone entirely, embracing their entire being with the ropes. It’s something that you can put together in so many different ways, from the simplest floor ties to the most complex suspensions – I love being able to free form with the rope, being able to flow with them. There is something very personal to me about layering rope, about taking someone deeper and deeper into bondage. With rope I can control an entire body, what it feels, how it looks, what shapes it is making. I am always holding them. It is wonderful and intoxicating.

What have you found that people need to do to be happy with their sexual lifestyles and sexuality?

I think people definitely need to be open minded and open hearted, being open to new experiences is one of the best ways to grow as a person. Being honest and authentic with yourself and others – if something doesn’t cause harm to another person, or irrecoverable harm to yourself then I believe that exploring both sexual/kink worlds and your own sexuality is a great way to be happy and comfortable in your own skin. There is nothing more damaging than hiding a part of yourself, and feeling alone and isolated with that feeling. There is nothing more liberating than being authentically true to yourself, and finding those who not only accept but revel in the same. Society has a way of imposing norms and expectations that don’t always line up with the true self that people are.

Within this freedom though, boundaries become ever more important – finding and standing by what feels ok to you and what feels like it is having a negative impact on your wellbeing, and being able to communicate this clearly and honestly – and respecting those boundaries and needs in others.

An awareness that there are behaviours and ways of thinking which are unacceptable and unhealthy in the everyday world which can be extremely hot and liberating in the kink/sexual world – when it is in a defined boundary and space. Things like consensual non-consent, sexism, role play scenarios can all be deliciously fun and even healing in some situations. It’s only when something imposes negative harm on another that it becomes a problem that you need to address and work through.

What services do you provide?

So many! Haha, my most popular ones would have to be shibari, forced-bi, feminisation, role play, CBT/Genitorture, electroplay, sexual training, and cuckolding.

Visiting my website Fields of Lillith which provides a comprehensive list of such.

I also am a full service escort, providing companionship and intimacies of all kinds from conversation, cuddles, massages to sex.

Where can people find you?

I mainly session through Temple 22, although I do work with other independent workers for doubles sessions like cuckolding, as well as outcalls. I do travel to QLD and VIC as well – in Melbourne I tend to session from Fetish House.

Is there any questions or information you would like to add?

Jaiden Lillith is also an event organiser and promoter for the Sanctuary BDSM club in Sydney, as well as the vocalist and co-writer for the Industrial Electronic band Z(Cluster)

Happy New Year, pets and Perverts + Zeena Military and I.

A Happy New Year to my Pets and Perverts.


A very special announcement that the delightfully perverted and musically talented Ms Zeena Military (Melb) and I will be taking a limited number of Double Dom/me sessions over the next few days. Contact Me for availability for 11/01, 12/01, 14/01 to experience utter submission. Caught in My ropes with her firm hand applying various objects of torture, or stuck between us as our little pig on a spit, being our plaything and torture slut – the possibilities make a shiver of excitement run down My spine.

Contact Me on 0421 578 741 or to arrange a session.

It’s going to be a big year, with more fun nights at the venue that I’m managing Events and Promotions for, The Sanctuary.

There has been more interest in My private rope lessons, and I’m very honoured to be presenting another workshop for my fellow ProDom/mes at Temple 22.

There are more rope performances in the works, and my musical project ZCluster has released our first EP “Broken Things”, songs about pain, pleasure and all things dark and moody.

So many good things! And the year has just begun.

<3 <3 <3

I know what you did… Interrogations and CNC

“Do you know why you’re here?”
“No, no I don’t”
“Well, we know what you did…”

Interrogations… they’re one of My favourite types of BDSM scenarios alongside with a number of other consensual non-consent scenarios.

Why is that?

Well apart from the sheer fun of roleplay and the opportunity for me to operate at my nastiest, most delightfully, imaginatively sadistic…

The capacity to unlock. When we “play a part” we give ourselves permission to be someone else, to take part in a narrative that we are creating right now with characters that we are shaping in the moment, we can

transcend all kinds of barriers to authenticity. When we set up a struggle, a path to resistance within the role play, that adds another dimension to the session. Parts of ourselves that we have to push away, emotional responses, outbursts, those parts of ourselves that we need to keep a lid on in our everyday life come swimming up to the surface – the suffering, the tears, the screaming, the fight. You find yourself pushed to farther limits with the adrenaline and fight response kicking in, enduring more than you thought you could. In this room, this session, these moments which are ours alone, by stepping into another skin for the moment, we can find parts of ourselves that long for their true expression.

I love the struggle inherent in these types of power exchanges, there is a dynamism and tension that lets the play take shape organically – the breaking down of resistance, the conflict, the ultimate submission – the context of the torture and mind fuck possibilities that the situation presents. The energies that emerge in these sessions is primal, tactile – and can be directed down any number of play types – impact, electro, training, humiliation, shibari and more – just by tweaking the parameters of the narrative. You are being given the context in which to genuinely resist, scream, unleash all those pent up emotions and urges in a safe space. It is a place where raw energies are unleashed, and in the best moments, positive change can emerge as well as the visceral and psychological satisfaction of good BDSM play. We can break down the walls and chains that bind our minds in the every day.

It is a form of consensual non-consent, and as such we set the parameters carefully – the way I enjoy playing is to define the hard limits, and some rough idea of elements within the session, and then allow inspiration to take over. This way, we both know where the play ends and begins, we both are secure in the knowledge that the boundaries are in place – and then we are free to test the limits in a free flowing session, not just following a script but allowing for all the delicious possibilities of the unknown. Knowing this, having the experience necessary to monitor the play closely whilst being deeply enmeshed in the moment are skills that the experienced and professional spend time and effort acquiring – but the creative spark, that inspiration to be able to weave together all the elements into a breathing whole is something that can’t be taught.

Captured by My organisation and we WILL extract the information from you. A sadistic kidnapping. The police have you, and in the place where no one can see us, the interrogation can enter all kinds of dark places. An examination turned twisted experiment. So many possibilities, and I love crafting scenarios from the erotic to the disturbingly extreme. I have very few taboos, and I never judge another’s fantasies. In this place, we are apart from the every day, exploring a dream sequence, a story, your mind and body.

I’ll be writing some new erotica soon based on these concepts… In the meantime, join me, and see what stories we can come up with together.


I’m Back! A wonderful time in Melbourne!

Hello My little pets and fellow animals, I’m back from Melbourne, and what a whirlwind trip it was, full of naughtiness and fun… Thanks again to Oz Kink Fest for inviting Me to perform and present at their amazing event. Here’s a few of the highlights…

16 September – Fetish Expo and After Party

The Fetish Expo was amazing, so many beautiful toys and kinky clothes. The fashion parade was full of gorgeous clothing and people, personal favourite was the set with a set of sewn lips, an asskicking and base ball bat involved…

We performed at the Expo, and at the After Party – here are some great pics from Fetographer and the Oz Kink crew. Absolutely thrilled to be performing alongside Avalon and Jenna, Sparks and Emerald and Robert Dante, humbled to be included in such a talented lineup. The passion and skill involved in the performances was beautiful and absolutely inspiring.

19 September – Sessioning at Fetish House

I had the pleasure of sessioning at Melbourne’s amazing Fetish House, with gorgeously appointed rooms and lovely, evil people whom I had a ball sharing terrible thoughts with. Very impressed with the level and number of suspension facilities there for rope, and will definitely be stopping by again whenever I am in Melbourne! Thanks to Tara and the lovely ladies for making me feel at home, and to Mistress Alani for helping to organise my time there.

20 September – Frisky Business Forum

The majestic Electra Amore had invited me to speak on a panel about Professional BDSM work called Frisky Business, hosted by Our Kink, a BDSM themed podcast. With a host of sex industry professionals it was definitely a night of insights and discussion that I was proud to be able to contribute my own voice to. MC’d by MsKnickers, whose quick wit and style brought the panel through topics such as changes in the BDSM scene ove  the past decade, balancing personal and professional kink, the effect of “that book” on the industry and more. The podcast will be available soon, so make sure you tune in!

21 September – SHOPPING! & Ignixia’s Bloodplay Workshop

So, of course going to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without an entire day dedicated to shopping, and that is exactly what Amirah and I did. Shout out to Eagle Leather and Bee Jay and Pepper for entertaining us with cups of tea and fabulous toys, Lucrezia & De Sade and Victorian Gothic for their awesome gear that we snagged, as well as the array of op shops and other stores that we blew through.

Collar from Lucrezia & De Sade, Fox Plug from Eagle Leather

Ignixia’s Bloodplay workshop was fantastic, it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed and I learnt some new tricks and terrible things to do with/to people… Scalpel play, Needle Play, Blood cupping was something new to me! The possibilities of blood slugs! She is truly and artist.

22 September – Hellfire Resurrection

Finally, we got to attend the infamous Hellfire Resurrection event! With numerous performances involving rope, fire, hula hoops and burlesque, there was definitely no shortage of entertainment! The venue was wonderfully appointed and we got to hang out again with the OzKink crew, and some friends from Sydney who’d made their way down, as well as the lovely locals.

23-24 September – Weekend Intensive Workshops

Thanks to everyone who attended our Workshops at the Oz Kink Fest Oz Kink Fest Weekend Workshop Intensives, Amirah and I had a blast presenting a few of our favourite things, Genitorture, Electroplay and Amirah’s baby, Active Subbing. We had so much fun, and loved getting the chance to share the topics that we’re passionate about.

Big love to those tried out the wonderful zappy things that we had to show you, I do love my electric toys and it’s so much fun to share / inflict that on others. 🙂 Especially big thanks to Bunny who stepped up for the male demo model in our Genitorture class, and who was so very deliciously reactive to attentions. It made our day. And finally to all those who attended and participated in the Active Subbing workshop and helped it to evolve and grow – we were honoured to be able to have a forum for subs to be able to share their experiences and for us to be able to share ours with you, and to hopefully help everyone to be able to dive deeper down the rabbit hole. And for helping to make our class delightfully loud and distracting for anyone in the building. 😉

Thanks to Dianne Mallice for inviting us to teach at this event, we’re again honoured for the opportunity, as well as the chance to present and perform alongside people we look up to and respect, like Naoko Tokyo, Electra Amore, Ignixia Roberts, Robert Dante, Eternal Angel, Angel and Tiger, Bee Jay and Pepper Pop, Michele Paolo and all the others!

I’ve setup my new Education page on the site to facilitate booking Me for workshops or private lessons.

Thanks to everyone who’s been with me on this journey! <3


Touring Melbourne 16-24 September, OzKinkFest, Fetish House, Q&A!

Well, it’s been busy, busy times to be Lillith…

Coming up, my first ever tour, and it’s a big one!

I’ll be performing and presenting workshops for OzKinkFest, as well as moonlighting at Fetish House and speaking at the Frisky Business Forum.

First up on 16th September I’ll be doing a short Shibari performance at the Fetish Expo with Amirah. Come along and check out all the displays, products and performances, it should be a very fun and kinky afternoon.

On the 19th of September Melbourne’s premiere dungeon Fetish House will be my base of operations for the day, if you’re based in Melbourne at the time and you desire to submit to My attentions, make a booking now to avoid missing out! If you can’t make it on the day, get in touch and we can organise another time for your session. Maybe you’d like a disturbingly intrusive medical session, some heavy suspension bondage, intimate sensual tying, a long impact play session or immersive role play scenario? All the facilities are there!

The 20th of September 7:30-10:30pm will see me partaking in a panel with a host of other professional BDSM practitioners on the Frisky Business Forum, it’s sure to be a fascinating and informative discussion panel that I’m proud to be a part of!

Amirah and I will then be hosting workshops on the 23-24th of September at the OzKinkFest series of workshops! Presenting on Electroplay, Genital Torture and Active Subbing over the 2 days, you’ll get two chances at each of the workshops, so don’t miss out and book your tickets here!

See ya soon Melbourne!

Temple 22! OzKink! And more performance shots…

So, I’ve been extremely tardy with posting this, as I’ve been somewhat busy with a multitude of things, as usual…


I’m very honoured to announce that I’m now taking sessions at Sydney’s illustrious and decadent Temple 22. You can find me as Mistress or Master there, along with a host of other wonderful and terrible new playmates. Feel free to contact me directly still, or you can get in touch with the lovely people at Temple 22 to book a session. I still take enquiries for Shibari Performances, photoshoots etc personally.



I’m also excited and again extremely honoured to have the opportunity to be involved with Melbourne’s OzKinkFest 2017 as a presenter at the Workshops and performer at the Fetish Expo in September.



I also had the pleasure of attending the first Hybrid event at the Red Rattler in Marrickville hosted by Incub8 and Control – performing to some awesome industrial tracks with the gorgeous Heather. Here are a few shots from the event.


Exciting times!

<3 <3 <3


Photos from the Flamboyance Fundraiser

Tying the beautiful OG Bunny Heather (my first ever rope bunny!) at the Flamboyance Fundraiser for Chechnya and Iran LGBTQIAUP+ – Thanks to Irene Sarrinikolaou and Duncan Maurice from Mongrel Mouth for inviting me to perform for this lovely cause. It was wonderful to be able to perform for everyone and to have this performance reunion with my dear friend. 
Watermarked photography by Jake Lloyd Jones. Others by Josh Shipton. 
This Saturday Night I’ll be performing at Incub8 & Control Presents HYBRID as well as attending Threshold July!
20170707 Flamboyance Performance-5.5
20170707 Flamboyance Performance-5.5
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Next Shibari performance – Flamboyance Charity Event

Join me and my bunny as we put on a Shibari performance at this fundraiser! The OG Rope gal from 2016 Heather makes her return in this reunion show!

A Frozen Autumn Moment

Crisp day
Cold sun
the leaf drifts down
and is snared
in a web
shivering in the wind
with all the trappings of life
held lovingly still
in a frozen autumn moment

The Chamber Performance Pictures!

Some lovely pics from The Chamber’s performance on 22 April – Timed shots from a tripod off stage.

Rope – Jaiden Lillith, Model – Amirah