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The Words
I have a love affair, with Words. I let them enter my room
in the night
Strange phrases run their unfamiliar rhythms down my spine
And I shiver
In ecstacy
When I relax and open myself up
to the possibility
Of the sharp crack of a syllable, drenched in the vitriol of violence
Or the feathered touch of seduction, woven sentance, by sentence
till the I’ve lost track of the sun
And realise we’ve only just begun
To drown willingly beneath the waves of sensation
That subsume through the whirling tails of poetry
Sweet intoxication of elegant designs
I’m filled – with an “O” of surprise
With delightful warmth of new ideas
Leaving trails of thoughts
That sometimes bring us
to that sunshower smile of tears
It’s complicated…

Endless Forms
There’s an endless void inside of
Surface tensioned sensitivity
That ripples when I feel the touch that’s soaking through to you and me
It’s ecstacy to feel
The closeness of these openings
Thirsting wide lead to the need
That fill us up to bursting
That aching absent feeling
Desolation after laughter stains
Electric emptiness of spreading aftermath of rain
Scent of longing spent
In tidal currents arcing to
Soft shower of rain on rooftops
A deluge beating through
Our skins and open mouths the blessings of
the deities of storms
Aching for the next time
That this emptiness will flood with form
Dormant coils of being
By our tensions once more formed
The poetry of binding
And sweet release unbound
Fill this space with meaning
Till our fragile forms fall