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Mistresses and Kink Practitioners
This is a list of Wonderful Mistresses and Kink practitioners whom I recommend.  Get in contact if you wish to arrange a double session!

Aeryn Walker (MEL/SYD) – Delicious deviant Aeryn Walker is a feminist, geek porn & smut playground! She’s a solo indie smut maker, performer, fetishist & freak from Australia, and a wonderful human being.

Artesimia De Vine (MEL) – Voluptious Goddess and purveyor of Discipline, Corporal Punishment, Spankings and general naughtiness, Artesimia takes her subs deep – she will explore the deep and hidden parts of you on an unforgettable journey.  She is also an avid collector of naughty stories.

Domina Parties – Are you looking to attend a private Domme party, BDSM party, fetish party or multi slave party?
Do you wish you could attend some of the hottest, most exclusive parties in Australia – where you can meet and play with not just one Dominatrix, but a small group of beautiful, assertive, professional and lifestyle Dominatrices?

Domina V Dominatrix (SYD) – Enter the depraved world of the classically trained Domina V – from sissification to impact play to humiliation, the many talents of this Domina amongst Dominas will capture your submission and imagination.

Freya Fey (MEL) – Melbourne based escort and kinkster.

Kristen Jade (MEL)- “A hedonist, first and foremost. Cheeky, flirty, and naughty – my mouth doesn’t stop running, even with a gag in it. I’m a submissive and a dominatrix, eagerly switching between the two in order to explore the boundaries of human sexuality. I’m dark, depraved, bratty, slutty, and downright whorish. And you’ll love every moment of my world.”

Miss Penelope Dreadful (SYD)– The fabulously depraved queen of perversion!  The singular Penelope will take your most twisted fantasies one step further than you thought they could go… And her fabulous shoes and latex are to die for.

Miss Tallula Darling (SYD) – Inked and inimitable, English flower Miss Tallula’s body is a work of art, and so are her sessions. From GFE, Sensual Massage to wonderfully twisted Domination sessions. We have had quite a deliciously depraved time in our double domme “bad cop, bad cop” mode… Do you dare to see have the Lillith / Tallula experience?

Mistress Blake (SYD) – Like the sinful white frosting on a “Devil’s Food” cake, Mistress Blake’s emphatically platinum blonde hair frames smouldering blue eyes that instantly see past your careful civility to your submissiveness and unspeakable sexual depravity.

Mistress Tokyo (SYD) – An internationally renowned Mistress Tokyo needs no introduction, but if you need it… “a highly fetishistic bondage Top with a strong sadistic streak who enjoys intense and invasive scenes” A connoisseur of a long list of perversions and torments, her latex is to die for and her medical scenes are the stuff of gloriously delicious nightmares.


Aeryn Walker (MEL/SYD) – Delicious deviant Aeryn Walker is a feminist, geek porn & smut playground! She’s a solo indie smut maker, performer, fetishist & freak from Australia, and a wonderful human being.

Freya Fey (MEL) – Crafting exclusive & extraordinary experiences. Advocate for connection and care.

Kristen Jade (MEL/SYD)- “I’m an exhibitionist and a slut, a whore in the bedroom and cloaked in the illusion of class while we’re in public – but you know what I’m really like, under all that finery. My passion is pleasure, giving and receiving, and there’s nothing I won’t do to get what I want. My fantasies have even me ashamed, and talking about some of the shit I’ve done between the sheets makes me blush. “

BDSM Services / Products / Fashion

Temple 22 – Temple 22 is gone, yet the memory lives on! All the Mistresses and Masters are still listed on their page, and most of them can be sought for private sessions.

Fetish House – When Lillith’s away, we like to play… Fetish House in Melbourne is my newest home away from home, and is a top class facility that I highly recommend.

Gallery Serpentine – Fabulous Fashion and delightful staff.  Throw your money at them today!

Adposta – Adult / Escort / BDSM services classifieds