Playmates / Double Domination / Dom and sub

DSC07829Jaiden Lillith and friends… A tempting and dangerous combination.
Have you ever been Dominated by two creative and mischievous creatures? Would you like to be part of the decadence and depravity as I play with one of my delicious Submissives, or watch as I bind, use and torture in a private Rope and play session?
Teaming up with a number of other talented and creative players to create an unforgettable experience from intense domination to playful satyric indulgence, The Fields of Lillith provide endless possibilities. Female, male and trans partners available – forward bookings essential.
Find a selection of delights at Temple 22 as Mistresses, Masters or Submissives, or on my list of Friends.
Contact to discuss the details of your undoing… I am always meeting new Friends and some of them may surprise you… or be exactly what you are looking for.
Please get in touch for details on rates based on scenario and players.

Tallula Darling
Delicious tattooed English Dominatrix and Escort, and one of my favourite playmates! We specialise in Cuckolding, and Double Domination experiences. Can you keep up with the depravity of the pair of our wicked minds? Contact Tallula or I to discuss the details of your demise…

Kristen Jade
Hedonistic delight, escort, professional switch and fellow explorer of human sexuality, Melbourne based Kristen Jade is a deviant after My own heart. We can offer a garden of sensual delights together, ranging from the erotic to the deeply sadistic. Whenever we’re both in town you better watch out, or better yet, join in…

Miss Penelope Dreadful
The one, the only, Penelope Dreadful… a filthy smiling pervert who doesn’t demand your submission but inspires it. I love sessioning with Penelope, and we have a wonderful time together full of sadist giggles and tortured sub screaming. Those who have experienced Our not so tender mercies during our doubles sessions and Domina Parties can attest to the quality of evil plotting that occurs when we’re in the same room.


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