Mistress/Master – Domination

I play as both Mistress and Master, embracing both my masculine and feminine aspects. I am comfortable at either end of the spectrum, or anywhere in between. I believe that we all have elements within us that come into ascendance, that femininity or masculinity is a flavour, a shade of a colour, a matter of perception.

A deeply inquisitive, gifted and creative practitioner of BDSM with a flair for the exotic and theatrical, my sessions are conducted with a passionate intensity.  I give myself entirely in the moment and I expect nothing less from those who come to me.

All the instruments I use, be they canes, crops, floggers, hands, ropes, body, words, mind… they are all tools to connect to another person – a poetry of sensation and freedom through bondage. I have a strong appreciation for subtlety, delighting in seduction and psychological exploration through role play and edge play as much as domination and punishment.  Sessions can be sadistic, sensual, otherworldly, playful, mischievous, immersive and deeply affecting or purely physical depending on what I see in you and what you have come to find.  Pushing you to the edge or holding you comfortingly in the darkness will both please me.

Those who choose to submit to me will revel in the rewards of giving over their control into my capable hands. I am adept at walking the line between pleasure and pain. Many who have come to me fearing the intensity of pain have given themselves over to my hands, cane and crops willingly in the end.

I enjoy constructing sessions which are designed to take you deep – using elements from many types of play and wrapping them into a flowing session – including but not limited to impact play, Shibari (Japanese rope bondage, including partial to full suspensions), body worship, foot/boot fetishmummification, leather / cuff restraints and bondage. CBT, genital torture, sensual massage / play, sensory deprivation, golden showers, orgasm denial / edging, sexual training, electro play (violet wands and TENS units), forced bi, crossdressing / feminisation / masculinisation, medical play, degradation and humiliation.  I also enjoy playing with multiple participants in Double Domination or Dom/me and Sub sessions.

I love Role Play in a number of scenarios, whether as Headmistress / Headmaster, Nurse / Doctor, Interrogator, Confessor, Daddy / Mummy, sibling – the possibilities are limited only by what we can imagine together. I give myself entirely to my role and possess you completely.

My sessions are open to all who approach me respectfully, regardless of gender, age, ability or appearance.


My rates are dependent on the content of the session, location and length of time. Please contact me to discuss the details.

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