Role playing can be an extremely liberating experience – when we step outside of the daylight selves that we wear around every day, we give permission to ourselves to do things and have things done that we wouldn’t within our everyday personas.  We can also reenact scenes from our past, and reimagine them or visit them in a way that we were not allowed to explore within society’s boundaries.  The taboo, the forbidden lusts for a teacher, relative or just the experience of stepping back to a younger age, or relive the naughtiness and punishment of a younger age, can be very erotically charged.  I am adept at bringing forward a multitude of personas, and with discussion the range of options is very wide, and fun indeed.  Nurse, Brother, Sister, Headmaster/Headmistress, Doctor, Father, Mother, there are many areas of the self that can be examined in an atmosphere of trust and abandon.

Contact me to discuss – multiple player / double domination and gender play are very effective in these contexts as well.

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