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Summer Offerings and Specials

Find joyous eroticism, filthy, wild abandon or a deep exploration of your self…  I’ve put together some packages and discounted sessions for you to reawaken your mind, body and souls with.

Escort <- click here for more details
BDSM <- click here for more details

$400/hr, $750/2hrs, $300/hr for each additional hour. 

View full pricing list, services and contact Me here

$200 / hr rope only session 

SHIBARI (Japanese Rope Bondage) – This may come as a surprise to you but I love Shibari. The art of japanese rope bondage is deeply affecting for me, both as a giver and receiver – and has shaped the journey of BDSM and conscious connection that I have been on. There are so many ways that it can be experienced, and I’ve created a simple breakdown below of potentials for you… Of course, any and all of these can be combined for your experience. If you wish to add more elements to the session, normal session rates will apply – this special is for rope based journeys only

~ Sensuality ~
Let me immerse you in the flow, floating down a river of sensation – the touch of jute on skin, sliding slow – time slowing down to a trickle, binding you in your skin and body. 
~ Sadism ~
Let me awaken you with the touch of fire – pushing your body and mind to your limits, finding your edges and holding you safely over the void. 
~ Floor Work ~
Let me ground and earth you – to be the rock that you lean on, connecting to the immovable forces within.
~ Suspensions ~
Let me find your wings, and slip into the air from the bonds of gravity, forming shapes in the void, letting your mind and body drift in the ether… A whirling dance, becoming the dervish within my grasp…

Bat: Awyn Raven (Eve X)

~ Journeys ~
Let me bind you, holding you a space to just BE and let come what will. 
Let me wrap a rope around the shattered pieces of you and draw them back to your centre – back to home. 
Let me find the hurts in you, the tears, the laughter, the joys – the shadows and the light and draw them out to the surface – to scream, to cry, to giggle, to moan, to sigh out into the world.

Contact me to discuss the details of your journey – every journey is unique and tailored to your needs. 

Nature Rope
There’s nothing like feeling the sunshine and air on your skin while coils of rope wrap around you, holding you tight… Hung spinning from the trees or rolling on the grass (or blanket!) under the open sky. Boundaries and limits around this experience are generally based on the privacy of the location. 

$200/hr + transport costs
$100 – Photography / Video (free if I can use them on my social media)

Nature faerie – Awyn Raven (Eve X)

Capture the Experience…
For an extra $100 I can add photography / filming and editing to your experience! Included are 10 photos and/or a quick video edit for your memories!

$100/hr Social dates

The world’s opened up again! If you’d like me to take you on a date, for a coffee, a night out or in, I’m offering a special on my usual rates for the pleasures of our shared company!

Get in touch here!

*Social dates do not include any play – play will incur usual session rates

Doubles Sessions with Eve X

Introducing the launch of EVE X – My partner in crime, pleasure and punishment… You may know them from our collaborations The Embrace Vol 1 & 2, The Summoning – Demon Seed – together we’ve journeyed down many roads of sin, sense and transgression; and we invite you to join us…

We have a very special collection of doubles offerings… Click here for more details!

Get in touch to taste the sweetest Sin.

Eve X & Sai Jaiden Lillith

Training is back!

I’m offering training again and educational sessions! See this page for more details.