Sai Jaiden Lillith

Fall in love every day
Deeply, carelessly, recklessly
Like your heart’s a stolen muscle
driven wildly into the sunset.

I am a non-binary (male embodied) Escort, ProDom/me, Educator, PornstarShibari artist, Musician and sex-positive advocate / activist – living a life in exploration of sexual and social freedom, art, philosophy, BDSM, energy and eroticism.  I have dedicated myself wholly to these concepts, and have spent years professionally transforming My kinky, erotic dreams into realities – at establishments, through extensive touring interstate, running events, parties and workshops. Exploring the magic of eroticism, connection and sex is a passionate vocation for me, and one to which I am deeply committed.

Connection in all its forms is what we crave as humans. Connecting through our erotic energies and exploring flesh, hearts and minds is a beautiful, essential part of our existence. We are unique in our desires, whether it’s for a gentle touch and whispered words, fucking the night away in wild abandon, or exploring the myriad delicious possibilities of BDSM and kink.

The common thread is that we all need a safe and consensual space to really be free to explore joyfully and uninhibited.

Consent is at the heart of my practice, and I engage in lengthy and detailed negotiations to ensure that you will have the best and safest experience that we can create together!

I delight in exploring the possibilities inherent in the full spectrum of sensation and conscious power exchanges. Amongst other things I have a deep passion for Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) – there is so much that can be said and done with rope, from a soft whisper to a binding that takes your breath away.

I have a lifetime’s experience of exploring sex, bodies and minds of all kinds, kinks and desires, and I would love to turn my skills to your needs.

Would you like a social date to get to know each other to see if we’re a good fit? Or a chilled out night of good food followed by some delicious play? Perhaps you just want a dedicated Shibari bondage experience in the hands of an expert. Maybe you’d love to have someone to explore all the dark desires that you keep locked away… Do you seek a journey, to drop into a deep ritual space to explore what shadows lurk within and harness your erotic energies for transformation and healing?

From holding and guiding an inexperienced beginner through your first explorations to dancing together along the edges of extreme peak experiences, I am open to a variety of requests and activities, so please feel free to contact me to ask anything! I promise you a non-judgemental space where you can be heard, seen and held.

What is it that you truly desire?

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Q: I’m concerned that you might not see me because [age / gender / appearance / disability / etc]

A: First of all, let me reassure you that I have only ever refused to see clients who I believe would not be a good fit based on my skill set, or who have been disrespectful or even dangerous. I believe we are all worthy and deserving of acceptance and joy. Any provider who would refuse you on appearance or body type is basically a stupid jerk. Period.

Q: What is your experience?

A: I’ve been working in the sex industry since 2015, and have had the privilege of working at Sydney’s illustrious Temple 22 and the Kastle. My training has been extensive and I’ve had the honour of working with and learning from a variety of local and international sex experts such as Mistress Tokyo, Penelope Dreadful, Yagami Ren, Hajime Kinoko and more. I’ve been a presenter and performer at OzKinkFest and Sexpo, and provide education and training in BDSM and the arts of eroticism. I’ve been an event organiser and created safe queer friendly spaces in Sydney (Sanctuary) and Melbourne. I’m the 2IC for Domina Parties and have hosted and co-hosted parties in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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“…since having sessions with you I’m having a much better time knowing where my boundaries are with The People and… gasp! I can actually express some of my desires. Thank fucking Christ.” – J/N

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the journey. All who session with you, all who have been taught by you or worked alongside you at Temple 22 leave rave reviews and are left thirsting for more.” Mistress Ruben, Temple 22

I was nervous about my time with Mistress Lillith, but I had no need to be. Within minutes she had me under her spell, eagerly awaiting each delicious new sensation. She expertly teased me and toyed with me, reading my body beautifully. She was very attentive, incorporating all of the elements I had mentioned wonderfully, as well as delightful and unexpected surprises. My only regret? Being so blissed out and in my body that I didn’t open my eyes more to drink in her stunning image above me. I cannot recommend making time to see Mistress Lillith highly enough, a truly incredible experience awaits you!” Nora Nymph

This was my first time seeing a professional, my first time with rope and my first time with an experienced person in BDSM. I had originally only booked one session, but it was so mind blowing and addicting that I just had to book another one almost straight away and I’m already dreaming of our third session together. Jaiden took what I wanted and added so much more to the experience that it went into the realm of my ultimate fantasies.” – Carina

“First suspension with Jaiden Lillith. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and alone in my life – but with so much strength in the loneliness. I’m aware I don’t experience rope like most bunnies seem to but Jaiden gave me strength when I was feeling so alone, I found strength in being by myself thanks to them. And being able to sit here afterwards, so strong in – and by – myself, is a greater gift than I ever could’ve thought possible. Thank you.” – Kristen (Suspension Shibari / Waxplay session)

Just want to say I had a wonderful time at the (Domina) Party tonight. I feel like you know all my darkest desires! I really like your style, from the subtle whispers of “Good girl” to the gentle caressing before the harsh whip. You’re like my role model , when I channel my domme side. Graceful, gentle but firm…. You’ve all been wonderful in taking my S & M virginity.” – Tiffany / Tim (Domina Parties – Obey)

It was as if you wrapped a rope around all the shattered pieces of myself and drew them back into me. It was like coming home.” – K (Shibari session)

That was amazing, that was beyond all of my expectations. You just took six months of pent up energy and released it…. I should have come to you earlier. There are no words to describe it. Thank you!” – B (Shibari / Headmistress – School Girl session)

That was out of this world. Everything I expected and more.” – B (Medical / Interrogation / Electroplay)

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