Interrogation class. Take downs. Rough body play. Kidnappings. Hugs.


No, not a spy movie, just a few of my personal highlights from the amazing Festival of Really Good Sex…  I had the joy and privilege of attending over five days of debaucherous fun and education with my little rope bunny in tow.



With experienced educators from all around the world and three rooms of workshops, classes and discussion forums, there was something for everyone; from the curious initiates to those more steeped in the ways of evil…


We loved Frank and Sheila’s ( playfully intense interactions – these delightful edgeplayers showed us fun and novel ideas drawn from martial arts, philosophy and role playing. With workshops on Interrogation play, Rough body play, Playfighting, The Art of Holding, their own unique take on Top and Bottom roles is visceral and close to our own philosophies. A more active role for the Bottom as opposed to the more passive submissive roles brings new possibilities to play. From lighthearted to the downright disturbing, as a way to spice up proceedings all the way to engaging in the darker aspects of roleplay and violent fantasy; to be able to compartmentalize such an energy and scenario is to me an important part of exploring those disturbing parts of ourselves in a safe environment. On a whole, much giggling, weeping, screaming, bruising, rolling around and sweaty fun…


Felix Ruckert is a gifted practitioner of BDSM and founder of the Xplore festival in Berlin who taught us ways to become more fluid with floggers, and to utilize them in more dynamic and mindful ways. His years of experience in dance shined through in his sense of timing and gracefulness  – especially during an impromptu and amazing Shibari session which was powerful and a joy to watch, leaving the participant in joyful tears by the end.


Roger Butler of Curious Creatures in Melbourne is himself a delightful and whimsical creature, and expertly took a class through on the do’s and don’t of spanking as well as his sensual style of immersive play spanks.


Mynx (Mistress Mysteria) and Kintamar were a beautiful pair who showed their own take on foot fetishism and worship, which also included a lovely section on impact play and how to use rope to present feet for such attentions. (Of course, I couldn’t resist throwing in some toe torture for my giggling little bunny 😉 )


SMassage with Christina Borch used her spectrum of experience to blend BDSM approaches to sensual massage, and her class on female ejaculation was interesting though not as loud as we’d hoped… The delightful Juliette Dragon, cabaret performer founder of Ecole des Filles de Joie in Paris and artist created a menagerie of felines who put on an endearing purrformance (red…).


Mistress Anna gave her own unique spin on yoga and fitness with kink elements, incorporating FemDom, shibari and a lovely touch of her trademark sadistic sensuality. Jack and Jo shared their DDLG experiences in a workshop on the very subject, and are all round awesome human beings.


Last but not least, Festival Organiser Peter Banki orchestrated a workshop on Kidnapping play, where some willing victims were sent on their way through the festival and groups of perpetrators organised themselves to snatch their prey from various places in the Festival. The results ranged from the playful to the disturbing, but all involved had a lot of fun, and of course safety measures were observed. We participated in this activity wholeheartedly… perhaps leading to some participants in workshops mildly disturbed… 😉


Special mention to the helpers, organisers and the venue owner at Creative Space 99 in Darlinhurst for their sterling work in managing a three ring circus of participants, spaces and facilitators – especially given that the venue had to be changed at fairly short notice. One of the only complaints we had was the heat especially in the upper floors – during some of the more active workshops it was sweltering and unfortunately one of the main reasons we chose to pass on the closing play session.


It was a great atmosphere, and we were delighted to be a part of it. We look forward to next year’s edition, and are keen to see what will be cooked up next! Many thanks once again to Peter Banki for organising this and graciously providing us with VIP passes.