Hello My little pets and fellow animals, I’m back from Melbourne, and what a whirlwind trip it was, full of naughtiness and fun… Thanks again to Oz Kink Fest for inviting Me to perform and present at their amazing event. Here’s a few of the highlights…

16 September – Fetish Expo and After Party

The Fetish Expo was amazing, so many beautiful toys and kinky clothes. The fashion parade was full of gorgeous clothing and people, personal favourite was the set with a set of sewn lips, an asskicking and base ball bat involved…

We performed at the Expo, and at the After Party – here are some great pics from Fetographer and the Oz Kink crew. Absolutely thrilled to be performing alongside Avalon and Jenna, Sparks and Emerald and Robert Dante, humbled to be included in such a talented lineup. The passion and skill involved in the performances was beautiful and absolutely inspiring.

19 September – Sessioning at Fetish House

I had the pleasure of sessioning at Melbourne’s amazing Fetish House, with gorgeously appointed rooms and lovely, evil people whom I had a ball sharing terrible thoughts with. Very impressed with the level and number of suspension facilities there for rope, and will definitely be stopping by again whenever I am in Melbourne! Thanks to Tara and the lovely ladies for making me feel at home, and to Mistress Alani for helping to organise my time there.

20 September – Frisky Business Forum

The majestic Electra Amore had invited me to speak on a panel about Professional BDSM work called Frisky Business, hosted by Our Kink, a BDSM themed podcast. With a host of sex industry professionals it was definitely a night of insights and discussion that I was proud to be able to contribute my own voice to. MC’d by MsKnickers, whose quick wit and style brought the panel through topics such as changes in the BDSM scene ove  the past decade, balancing personal and professional kink, the effect of “that book” on the industry and more. The podcast will be available soon, so make sure you tune in!

21 September – SHOPPING! & Ignixia’s Bloodplay Workshop

So, of course going to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without an entire day dedicated to shopping, and that is exactly what Amirah and I did. Shout out to Eagle Leather and Bee Jay and Pepper for entertaining us with cups of tea and fabulous toys, Lucrezia & De Sade and Victorian Gothic for their awesome gear that we snagged, as well as the array of op shops and other stores that we blew through.

Collar from Lucrezia & De Sade, Fox Plug from Eagle Leather

Ignixia’s Bloodplay workshop was fantastic, it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed and I learnt some new tricks and terrible things to do with/to people… Scalpel play, Needle Play, Blood cupping was something new to me! The possibilities of blood slugs! She is truly and artist.

22 September – Hellfire Resurrection

Finally, we got to attend the infamous Hellfire Resurrection event! With numerous performances involving rope, fire, hula hoops and burlesque, there was definitely no shortage of entertainment! The venue was wonderfully appointed and we got to hang out again with the OzKink crew, and some friends from Sydney who’d made their way down, as well as the lovely locals.

23-24 September – Weekend Intensive Workshops

Thanks to everyone who attended our Workshops at the Oz Kink Fest Oz Kink Fest Weekend Workshop Intensives, Amirah and I had a blast presenting a few of our favourite things, Genitorture, Electroplay and Amirah’s baby, Active Subbing. We had so much fun, and loved getting the chance to share the topics that we’re passionate about.

Big love to those tried out the wonderful zappy things that we had to show you, I do love my electric toys and it’s so much fun to share / inflict that on others. 🙂 Especially big thanks to Bunny who stepped up for the male demo model in our Genitorture class, and who was so very deliciously reactive to attentions. It made our day. And finally to all those who attended and participated in the Active Subbing workshop and helped it to evolve and grow – we were honoured to be able to have a forum for subs to be able to share their experiences and for us to be able to share ours with you, and to hopefully help everyone to be able to dive deeper down the rabbit hole. And for helping to make our class delightfully loud and distracting for anyone in the building. 😉

Thanks to Dianne Mallice for inviting us to teach at this event, we’re again honoured for the opportunity, as well as the chance to present and perform alongside people we look up to and respect, like Naoko Tokyo, Electra Amore, Ignixia Roberts, Robert Dante, Eternal Angel, Angel and Tiger, Bee Jay and Pepper Pop, Michele Paolo and all the others!

I’ve setup my new Education page on the site to facilitate booking Me for workshops or private lessons.

Thanks to everyone who’s been with me on this journey! <3