“Do you know why you’re here?”
“No, no I don’t”
“Well, we know what you did…”

Interrogations… they’re one of My favourite types of BDSM scenarios alongside with a number of other consensual non-consent scenarios.

Why is that?

Well apart from the sheer fun of roleplay and the opportunity for me to operate at my nastiest, most delightfully, imaginatively sadistic…

The capacity to unlock. When we “play a part” we give ourselves permission to be someone else, to take part in a narrative that we are creating right now with characters that we are shaping in the moment, we can

transcend all kinds of barriers to authenticity. When we set up a struggle, a path to resistance within the role play, that adds another dimension to the session. Parts of ourselves that we have to push away, emotional responses, outbursts, those parts of ourselves that we need to keep a lid on in our everyday life come swimming up to the surface – the suffering, the tears, the screaming, the fight. You find yourself pushed to farther limits with the adrenaline and fight response kicking in, enduring more than you thought you could. In this room, this session, these moments which are ours alone, by stepping into another skin for the moment, we can find parts of ourselves that long for their true expression.

I love the struggle inherent in these types of power exchanges, there is a dynamism and tension that lets the play take shape organically Рthe breaking down of resistance, the conflict, the ultimate submission Рthe context of the torture and mind fuck possibilities that the situation presents. The energies that emerge in these sessions is primal, tactile Рand can be directed down any number of play types Рimpact, electro, training, humiliation, shibari and more Рjust by tweaking the parameters of the narrative. You are being given the context in which to genuinely resist, scream, unleash all those pent up emotions and urges in a safe space. It is a place where raw energies are unleashed, and in the best moments, positive change can emerge as well as the visceral and psychological satisfaction of good BDSM play. We can break down the walls and chains that bind our minds in the every day.

It is a form of consensual non-consent, and as such we set the parameters carefully – the way I enjoy playing is to define the hard limits, and some rough idea of elements within the session, and then allow inspiration to take over. This way, we both know where the play ends and begins, we both are secure in the knowledge that the boundaries are in place – and then we are free to test the limits in a free flowing session, not just following a script but allowing for all the delicious possibilities of the unknown. Knowing this, having the experience necessary to monitor the play closely whilst being deeply enmeshed in the moment are skills that the experienced and professional spend time and effort acquiring – but the creative spark, that inspiration to be able to weave together all the elements into a breathing whole is something that can’t be taught.

Captured by My organisation and we WILL extract the information from you. A sadistic kidnapping. The police have you, and in the place where no one can see us, the interrogation can enter all kinds of dark places. An examination turned twisted experiment. So many possibilities, and I love crafting scenarios from the erotic to the disturbingly extreme. I have very few taboos, and I never judge another’s fantasies. In this place, we are apart from the every day, exploring a dream sequence, a story, your mind and body.

I’ll be writing some new erotica soon based on these concepts… In the meantime, join me, and see what stories we can come up with together.