What a gloriously fun time at the Domina Parties with My fellow perverts Penelope Dreadful and Aeryn Walker! From the wild hedonistic abandon of Obey to the intimate delights of restriction in Bound, all who attended were lucky and pleased to receive the attentions of Our wicked minds.

Obey! – The xylophone of lined up bottoms ripe for the spanking, caning and beating – creating a symphony with dynamics ranging from the sensual up to enthusiastically received CBT and ballbusting. Those who were brave enough to withstand the electric kiss of My various toys, from the gentle jolt of the Stinger, to the deeper throbbing of the TENS unit and the very, very brave few who were up to the shock collar and cattle prod. All around slaves were tortured, teased and tantalised in a smorgasboard of foot worship, feminisation, electrics, impact play and of course total obedience to their Mistresses. There were many first times had by those who submitted to Our capricious whims and all who attended embraced the dominion of their Mistresses and were the better for it.

Bound – from the torturous cries of extreme predicament and torture bondage, to the light hearted but all embracing cocooning in saran wrap, to the sensual embrace of ropes, those who attended this were all bound in a variety of ways at the whims of the Dominas. I had the pleasure of introducing one who embraced their feminine aspects to the pleasures of Shibari and candleplay, as well as their very first suspension. They were turned into a damsel in distress on railway tracks, strung up peacefully in the air with hot wax running down their limbs and made into a ballerina. Drawing out their desires and then watching someone give in to the ropes for the first time is always a delight, and I am always appreciative of the trust and opening of self to those hidden places within these exchanges.

It is such a joy to dance through the flow of different energies created by the combination of Our devious minds, and I am blessed to have such delightfully wonderful friends to play with! ????❤???? Aeryn’s innocently evil childlike delight in the moans, cries and squirmings of her victims was adorable, and Penelope was as always a whirling dervish of abandon who holds Her space and those She plays with exquisitely.
LHD Art is an amazing artist and human and she created some lovely pieces during our (miss)adventures, and I look very much forward to seeing what she comes up with in the future.

Thank you to the subs who were so well behaved, respectful and entertaining, many of whom will be carrying souvenirs of their time spent with Us for at least the days to come…. ????

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Just want to say I had a wonderful time at the Party tonight. I feel like you know all my darkest desires! I really like your style, from the subtle whispers of “Good girl” to the gentle caressing before the harsh whip. You’re like my role model , when I channel my domme side. Graceful, gentle but firm.  If you can pass my thanks to the other Mistresses, I would be grateful… You’ve all been wonderful in taking my S & M virginity.”Tiffany / Tim