Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust is my hero.  Fighting the good fight against misrepresentation and negative stereotyping of the sex industry and for the best model of protecting the rights and wellbeing of sex workers, decriminalisation. The view of Julie Bindel, while perhaps well intentioned is unfortunately so very flawed in that it takes the worst experiences of sex workers and casts them as the norm, and totally invalidates the intelligence, strength and fierceness of the majority of the sex workers that I know, their choices in what to do with their bodies and minds and their efforts to create a safe space in the industry for all our peers.

Sex work is work – it is not selling our bodies, it is the provision of labour – emotional, mental and physical, of services, of time.

This is not to discount nor invalidate the experiences of those who have been sold into slavery or exploited and abused.

Again – Sex trafficking is not sex work. Sweatshops are not the fashion industry. Corrupt police officers are not the Police. Paedophile priests are not Christianity, etc etc etc. There are elements within every system which seek to exploit and abuse their fellow humans and the answer is not to eliminate the industries but to make them better and safer.

Decriminalisation, pls. As Zahra said, this is the best model to provide a system where sex workers are free to report workplace health and safety issues without fear of repercussion.

Anyway, watch the video. 

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