Tapping the cane against a boot, the Headmistress sighs.
Late again. 

She stands up and adjusts the pencil skirt – glancing in the mirror, she sighs again and begins to adjust the tight bun of hair and glasses.

There is a loud knock at the door, somehow managing to sound as insolent as the person on the other side of it.

The Headmistress sits down in the chair again, and waits a few moments.  Let the girl do a bit of waiting of her own.

She smiles – the impatience and fidgeting of her troublesome student is a palpable force behind the thick oak.  Judging the moment to be just before another loud knock descends on her door, the Headmistress steeples her hands.

“Come in.”

The door opens, and Anne stands with a sullen face in the doorway – long brown curls falling carelessly to her waist, white shirt untucked, skirt askew.

“Hello there Anne.”

She says nothing, but walks in and pointedly drops her bag on the floor, coming to a halt defiantly in front of the desk, plump lower lip jutting out, hands on hips.

The Headmistress lets the silence grow, broken only by the tap, tapping of cane on boot.

Finally Anne stamps her foot – “Why am I here Miss? I have things to do.”

The Headmistress frowns.  “You should know very well why you’re here Anne.  Don’t you waste my time.”

She shakes her head, and mumbles “I have no idea.  You always call me in for things I haven’t done. None of the other girls get treated this unfairly.”

“Oh?  And do any of the other girls get caught pulling the shirts of their classmates up over their heads alone in the change rooms and grinding their hips onto them against their will?”

Her eyes grew wide.  “That’s a lie!  Gwen just made that up to get me in trouble!”

Smirking, the Headmistress stops the tapping.  “Oh did she now?  And did I say anything about Gwen?”  Anne shuts her mouth with a snap, but continues to stare at the Headmistress defiantly.  Pointing at the door into the meeting room, “Well, Anne, would you like to say that to her face?”

The door opens.  Gwen stands arms crossed, pixie like face framed by her black bob and a triumphant look.

Anne pouts.

“That’s not fair.”

The Headmistress laughs, “Oh Anne, you really haven’t learnt your lesson from the last times have you?  I know everything that goes on here.  I know about every single one of your little adventures and this time, I’m going to teach you a lesson that you won’t forget.”

“Gwen, would you like to do the honours?”

Gwen strides over, and before Anne can react, in one swift movement she grabs her shirt and pulls it over her head, trapping her arms and pushing her face down on the table.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Screams Anne, somewhat muffled from under the shirt as she struggles in vain to get free.

“See, it’s not so nice now, is it, Anne?” The Headmistress stands up and walks around the table. Tutting, she watches as her breasts swing. “And no bra either.  Young lady, you really are a tramp, aren’t you?  Keep holding her Gwen.”

Gwen grins – “No problem Headmistress.”

In another swift movement, the Headmistress flips up Anne’s skirt and yanks her panties down to her ankles.

Pert buttocks exposed, and still thrashing wildly to escape, Anne shrieks and sobs, but Gwen’s strong arms are holding her tight.

“Not so tough now, are we?” she hisses in her ear.

The Headmistress laughs, “Hold her tight Gwen.”

The Headmistress lovingly runs one satin gloved hand softly over Anne’s buttocks, finger tracing down the crease between her cheeks, then swiftly pulls her arm back and delivers a cupped hand directly onto Anne’s left cheek.  The resounding thwack echoes into Anne’s shocked silence, before she begins screaming in earnest.  The Headmistress grins, and delivers the same slap to the right cheek – another red hand print to join the one on the left.

Thwack! *sob*

Thwack! *shriek*

Twhack! *sob*

Five more resounding hits to each of Anne’s now pink and quivering cheeks, and the Headmistress stands back to admire her handiwork, Anne still sobbing but no longer struggling.

“Well now Anne, how do you feel about it now?  Are you sorry for what you’ve done?”

“NO!  I HATE YOU!  I HATE YOU BOTH!”  Anne spits from beneath her shirt.

Shaking her head ruefully, The Headmistress looks over to Gwen.  “Well, I see we’re going to have to continue this punishment, and see if she learns her lesson.  Gwen, would you like to….?” She gestures gracefully at Gwen.

“With pleasure, Miss!”  Gwen leaps up as the Headmistress takes her place.

“Wh..what?  No! NO! Not her!!!”

Gwen laughs, “Oh yes, yes Anne – me.”

She smirks, and begins her own attack, with somewhat less finesse than the Headmistress but making up for it with gusto.  Anne shrieks and struggles with renewed vigor, as the Headmistress laughs and holds her down firmly.

SLAP! “Nooo!”

SLAP! “You bitch!  I hate you!”

SLAP! *shriek*

SLAP! *sob*

Another six delivered by Gwen, who then stands back to admire her handiwork.  Anne’s buttocks are now bright red – but she manages to strain her head up and stare defiantly at the Headmistress.

The Headmistress smiles again.  “Oh Anne.  Look at you, still so very, very unrepentant.”  She looks over at Gwen, who stands bright eyed, panting slightly, lips parted. “And Gwen…. well done on your first spanking!  How do you feel?”

Gwen licks her lips, and says breathily “Oh very good Miss… I very, VERY much enjoyed that.”  The Headmistress laughs throatily, and says, “I daresay you did.  Come here Gwen.”  Gwen approaches the Headmistress.  Slowly, deliberately, staring directly into Gwen’s eyes, the Headmistress reaches under Gwen’s skirt and feels the wetness soaking through her panties.  Gwen gasps, but doesn’t pull away.  “Headmistress…. what…”

“Oh yes, you seem to have enjoyed that VERY much.  Tell me, what else did Anne try to do when she pulled your shirt over your head?”

“Well, she… she rubbed her… her BITS on me Miss!”

“That was quite rude of her!  And I think perhaps she owes you an apology.  But words won’t be enough for this violation of another girl’s consensual rights… Come here, sit.”  She pats on the end of the desk.  “And take off your panties.”  Gwen looks shocked for a moment, but a wide grin begins to spread over her face.

“Yes Headmistress,” she curtseys, then sits on the desk and strips off her panties, revealing her small pink lips, already, as the Headmistress discovered, very aroused.

“W…wait… wh…”

“Shut up Anne, the lesson has not yet finished.”  The Headmistress grabs Anne’s head by her brown curls, and unceremoniously shoves her face into Anne’s wet crotch. “Apologise to your classmate, Anne!” Anne’s muffled screams indicate that an apology, unlike Gwen’s lovely cunt, are far from her lips.  “Very well.  Gwen, grab her hair, and push her face into your pussy.  Do it, and keep a hold of her.” Gwen obediently puts her hand into Anne’s brown curls, and starts grinding her hips onto Anne’s face. “How… does… it…” *grind* “feel, ANNE?” Gwen pants at her, Anne still valiantly struggling and trying to shriek.

The Headmistress rolls up her sleeves, and says “Now Anne, this will never do.  We shan’t leave until you apologise to your classmate, and SHOW her, how very sorry you are.”  She picks up her cane, and swishes it through the air, which heightens Anne’s struggling even more.  Another testing swish, and the Headmistress brings her cane down hard across both cheeks.  Anne’s entire body stiffens in shock, and again, there is a moment of silence.  The Headmistress swings back again, and a second time the cane cracks across Anne’s bottom. “Now, I’m going to keep this up, until you show Gwen, how sorry you are.”  Third time, the cane whips down, three scarlet lines burning across Anne’s buttocks.  This time however, a small moan escapes her lips, and Gwen takes the opportunity to fill her mouth.

Crack! “Four.” Pause.

Crack! “Five.” Pause.

Crack! “Six.” Pause.

By this time, Anne is moaning continuously, and her small tongue darts in and out of her mouth in time to Gwen’s grinding hips.  Gwen’s breathing grows heavier, and her eyes start to grow unfocused.

Crack! “Seven.” Pause.

Crack! “Eight.” Pause.

Crack! “Nine.” Pause.

Anne is starting to shudder, and so is Gwen, who is now moaning as well as her grip tightens, not so harshly now, on Anne’s brown curls, the other hand now joining its’ sister.

Crack! “Ten.”

Crack! “Eleven.”

Crack! “Twelve.”

Crack! “Thirteen.”

Crack! “Fourteen.”

Crack! “Fifteen.”

Gwen lets out a gasp and her eyes fly open, as her legs jerk convulsively. Anne cries out too, and her entire body shudders.  The two girls writhe locked together for long moments, as the Headmistress stands back, smiling gently.  She looks at Anne’s sopping wet vagina, and gently runs her finger up along her lips, drawing another convulsive jerk from Anne, and brings the finger up to her lips, licking it, and sighing.

Finally, when the girls have stopped moving, The Headmistress moves to stand in front of both of them.  Sternly, she says, “Well Anne.  Are you sorry for what you did?”

Anne looks up meekly, flushed and red faced. “Yes Miss.  I’m sorry Miss. I’m sorry Gwen.”

The Headmistress looks over at Gwen – “Gwen?  Do you accept Anne’s apology?”

Gwen, shaking her head slightly, looks dazedly around the room, then at Anne, then at the Headmistress. “Y..yes..  Apology accepted Anne.”

The Headmistress claps her hands together. “Good!  Now, I think we’re done here.  Off you go girls!  And don’t let me catch you again, Anne.”

Gathering their clothes together, the two girls stumble out of the room, arms around each other for support.

Sighing contentedly once more, the Headmistress closes the door.  Turning slowly, she walks over to the closet that has been slightly ajar the entire time, and opens it fully.  A young man, tied up and gagged, with a throbbing erection and somewhat terrified eyes stares back at her.

“Now Tom, I think it’s time we talked about me catching you peering into the girls’ change rooms while all this was going on.”