Head prefect Arianna straightens her silk nightgown, and climbs into the tiny cage, arranging herself perfectly within its confines. “Goodnight, Headmistress.”  The Headmistress strokes her cheek fondly and says “Goodnight, Head Prefect Arianna.”  The cage door swings gently shut, and Arianna sighs happily as the key turns in the lock with an audible click.  She curls onto the soft, warm furs which line the cage, and closes her eyes.  As she drifts off to sleep, she smiles as she remembers how she came to find her place….

The Making of a Head Prefect – Part 1

Dripping with mud, Arianna walked slowly down the corridor, head hung low.  As she drew near to the dreaded Headmistress’s door, she paused a moment, then knocked.

“Enter,” came the voice from behind the door.

Slowly, she opened the door, and hesitantly wandered inside.

The Headmistress sat in her ornately carved chair behind the large black desk in the middle of the room, black hair perfectly pulled back into a bun.  The red velvet curtains were drawn, affording her a view of the grounds, and the afternoon sun poured into the room.  She looked up over her glasses at Arianna, sighed, reached behind the desk and threw a towel onto the chair in front of the desk.  “Have a seat, Arianna.  Please do try to minimize the mess.”

Glumly, Arianna tried to do as she requested, leaving a trail of muddy footprints and sat down as primly as she could in the chair.  The effect was somewhat comical as she sat back straight, with streaks of mud still covering her face.

Sighing again, the Headmistress reached below the desk and pulled out a smaller towel, and handed it to the girl.  Arianna took it grateful and wiped her face as best as she could.

“Now Arianna.  You’ve been quite naughty, but I believe there are mitigating circumstances.  Please, start from the beginning.  And do be honest, else I shall be quite cross.”

It was Arianna’s turn to sigh.

“The other girls called me names,” She began.  “They always do that.  I was just trying to do the right thing.” She sniffed, before continuing. “During Rope class when the Professor’s back was turned, Beth stuck one of the class ropes into her bag.  I know we’re always running short on ropes, and Beth belongs to a wealthy family who can buy her all kinds of nice things and the finest ropes, but she keeps taking the best class ropes, and everyone else has to make do with the ones that are falling apart.  I saw her this time, and she was even showing off to her friends about how she took it!”  Aria’s voice filled with righteous indignation as the Headmistress nodded, and motioned for her to continue.

“I followed her out of the classroom, and I told her to put the rope back where she found it, because she was being unfair to the other students.  She just laughed, and called me the Teacher’s Pet.  I hate that name.  I tried to reason with her but she refused, and when I tried to grab the rope from her she slapped me.  So I pushed her.  She fell backwards, into the mud.  It wasn’t my fault she can’t balance properly!  She never paid attention in dancing class either.  She started screaming, calling me more names, and her friends grabbed me and pushed me into the ground, into the mud too!  They held me down and hit me, yelling ‘Teacher’s Pet’…. I wanted to escape…” she was flushed and angry now, waving her arms. “I managed to get one of my arms free, and I grabbed the first thing I could find.”

“Which was your crop.”

Flicking her muddy hair back from her face, Arianna continued unabashed, “Yes!  I was going to riding lessons next, and it was at the top of my bag.  I just hit them enough to make them stop.  It’s not my fault they’re bullies and can’t take what they dish out!”  Arianna looked balefully up at The Headmistress, “It was self defence, I didn’t have a choice!”

The Headmistress laughed, a genuine expression of mirth.  “Yes, but what happened afterwards wasn’t really self defence now, was it?”

Arianna blushed and looked away.  “Well… Yes.  I was just so angry and Beth always makes me the butt of her jokes.”

“So after her friends had run away, what did you do?”

Arianna looked at the Headmistress in the eyes and with a twitch of her lips said “I put her over my knee and gave her five strokes of the crop.  She was a bad girl.  She deserved it.”

The Headmistress smiled, “Ah, I admire your motivations, and your sense of conviction.  But you know full well that administration and delegation of Discipline is my task, and my task alone, don’t you?” she finished sternly.

Arianna hung her head, and nodded.  “I know.  I’m sorry Miss.”

The Headmistress shook her head, not unkindly.  “Well, I have seen the marks you have left.  And young lady, I am impressed.  And I have something to offer you, which may please you.  But first, we must see to your punishment, for though your heart was in the right place, you still breached the School Rules, and you know that Discipline and the Rules must be upheld here.”

Arianna looked surprised, then straightened her back and said proudly, “I will take whatever punishment you see fit to administer, Headmistress.”

The Headmistress smiled warmly.  “Excellent.  You are a good girl with a good heart, and I shall help you to stay on the right path.”  The Headmistress stood up and walked around the table, and cast her penetrating gaze at Arianna, who looked back unflinchingly with her calm, doe-like eyes.

“Stand up,” she commanded.

Arianna bowed her head and stood up obediently.

“Take off your shoes and follow me.”

The Headmistress led the way into the next room, Arianna hesitated once again, for this was the Headmistress’s private chambers, and there were few who had seen her inner sanctum.

The heavy black oak door swung open on silent hinges, and she stepped inside as the door closed behind her.

As she took her first steps into the room, she breathed a shocked sigh of amazement.  The carpet here was soft, so very soft on her bare feet.  The room was enormous, the ceiling so high that the chandelier cast long shadows across the room, like flicking fingers of darkness.  A lovely scent filled the room, subtle but it made her feel warm just breathing it.  An enormous canopied bed sat majestically in one corner of the room, and there was a beautiful ornate lounge against a wall.  Dark and fantastical paintings covered the walls, and a wonderous array of crops, canes, whips and floggers adorned another.  There was a hearth with a banked fire glowing within, and just next to it a long bath filled with hot, scented water.

“Take off your clothes Arianna, and make use of the bath.  I do not wish to have mud tracked all over my room, nor on my furniture.” She smiled at Arianna again, then strode to the lounge and picked up a large tome which had been left open on the table in front of it.  Settling into the lounge, she picked up the tome and the steaming cup of tea that had been left on the table.

Arianna, still in shock, removed her muddy clothes, and placed them in the basket next to the bath.  She climbed in, shivering deliciously as she submerged herself in the hot bath.  Mud immediately began to lift off her body, and she set to with the scrubbing brush which had been left for her.  She submerged herself completely, washing the dirt from her her hair and face.

Finally, she emerged dripping from the bath, and dried herself with the luxurious towel on the stand.  Clean, pink and naked, she stood sighing in front of the fire.

There was a hand on her shoulder, and she looked up to see the Headmistress staring hungrily at her.  She stared back – she had always thought the Headmistress beautiful, in a severe kind of way, but now with her hair unbound and glasses removed, she looked like a sorceress from a fairytale.

“Come this way.  It is time for your punishment.”

Leading the way to the lounge, the Headmistress sat down on and looked sternly at Arianna, then slowly broke into a wicked grin.

“Now, it is time to see if you can take as good as you dish out, young lady.”

She patted her lap, and Arianna carefully laid her small body, still hot from the bath across the Headmistress’s skirts, bottom presented perfectly.

The Headmistress raised an eyebrow, “Very gracefully done.  You show great natural talent.” She trailed one velvet gloved hand over Arianna’s back, which raised a shuddering sigh from the girl.  The Headmistress smiled. “And you have an appreciation for fine fabric.  I think we shall get along quite famously.”  Stroking her way down the girl’s back, she ran both hands across her buttocks and cupped the cheeks – “And such a very fine posterior.  Yes.  I think we shall get along quite well.”  Arianna wiggled slightly and giggled in the Headmistress’s lap.

“Cheeky.” breathed the Headmistress, then raised her hand.


Arianna breathed in, eyes closed and smiling.

Slap onto her other cheek.  Arianna gave a little moan.  The Headmistress stroked her back again, then delivered another two, deliberate smacks onto Arianna’s beautiful bottom, pausing to admire the redness starting to form.





The Headmistress delivered another twenty blows, each one harder than the last, to Arianna’s growing moans and ecstatic shivering.  Breathing a little heavier, the Headmistress stopped, and stroked Arianna’s now pinkly glowing cheeks lovingly once more.

“Beautiful.  Well done my little Miss.  Let us move on to the next stage of your punishment.”  Arianna nodded slowly, eyes half closed and face wearing a beautific expression.

Next to the Headmistress lay a strap and a cane – she picked up the former – a black, plain strap made of soft, heavy leather, smooth on one side and softly textured on the other, and lightly ran the textured side over Arianna’s left breast.  Arianna groaned, and her eyes rolled back in her head as her hands made little grasping movements towards it.  The Headmistress lightly slapped away her hand, and laughed softly.  Drawing the strap back, she gave it a flick towards Arianna’s left cheek.


Arianna made a little squeak, which drew a delighted laugh from the Headmistress.  “Oh my dear, you are a delightful little creature,” she whispered, and repeated the blow to the other cheek.  Arianna began slowly grinding against the Headmistress’s lap, as the blows kept up in a steady rhythm, increasing in intensity.  Her buttocks were stained a lovely shade of red, as the Headmistress made her way deliberately around her cheeks, covering them in a glowing, even shade.  When she was done, Arianna was panting, and even the Headmistress’s breath caught in her throat.  Flinging aside the strap, she picked up the cane, running her fingers down the smooth polished surface.

“Now, the last test of your mettle.”  She gave a few sharp swishes of the cane above Arianna’s back, who shivered deliciously as she felt the cool air on her now well heated bum.


The first blow was perfectly placed, delivering the same force across both the cheeks, causing them to quiver for a moment and leaving a perfectly horizontal scarlet line across the cheeks.  Arianna cried out, pain and lust mingled in that one beautiful sound.


The second blow was harder, and just below the first.  Arianna writhed slowly, hands making little claws into the lush carpet.



This time the Headmistress angled the cane to make two vertical lines down each buttock, each one drawing that delightful squeak from Arianna.




Three more, evenly spaced horizontally.  Arianna’s breathing was growing quick, and the Headmistress could feel her leg growing damp from the growing wetness underneath Arianna.  She laughed out loud, then expertly shifted the girl forward, presenting the tender flesh just bellow the buttocks on the thighs perfectly.  With an evil look in her eyes, she rained light, then slowly heavier strokes onto that delicate surface.  Arianna cried out, gasping and moving even more excitedly on the Headmistress’s lap, making desperate mewling sounds.

In one swift movement, the Headmistress spun Arianna face up on the lounge, and spread her legs, running two velvet clad fingers over the girl’s dripping sex.  Arianna’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she screamed as the Headmistress delivered two sharp blows with the cane to her inner thighs.  Dropping the cane at this moment, the Headmistress licked her lips, then expertly darted her tongue around Arianna’s swelling clit, and as the girl began to convulse she laughed as she lapped up every last drop of the girl’s pleasure – Arianna’s legs jerking convulsively as she cried out, head thrown back and black hair in disarray, then falling back limp.

Rising, the Headmistress leant forward and kissed Arianna deeply on the lips, and Arianna eagerly licked and sucked on the Headmistress’s lips and tongue, still shuddering slightly.  The Headmistress put one hand to her face softly, then hands reaching behind the couch, drew out a black velvet collar, the School’s insignia stamped on one side on a patch of soft, black leather.  She lovingly drew this around Arianna’s neck, and snapped the clasp shut.

Arianna’s eyes widened, as she looked down and saw the Collar of the Prefect around her neck.

“Now, you will have your means of delivering your justice upon those transgressors of our Beloved School’s Rules, with the full Authority of the Headmistress herself.  Congratulations, Prefect Arianna.”

The Headmistress smirked, and said “Now, I will teach you how to really be…. the Teacher’s Pet.”

End Part 1