Well, Domina Parties Sydney was a WILD time as always…

At Sydney Bound to Please ~ 23 Feb 2020 I got to take the Shibari suspension virginity of a beautiful and large (tall and bulky) man. Some people hesitate coming off the ground but as soon as I got their thigh up they flew up off the ground like they were meant to be in the air. I love watching them spin and taking them deeper into space, gently bringing them back to earth and sitting with them in their bliss.

We also turned a sub into a wax play birthday cake, and made them sing happy birthday to Mistress Lauretta while a candle burned in his mouth.
Two subs were sarin wrapped to a stripper pole and turned into faceless meat kebabs with ropes pressing deep into their flesh through the plastic and made to spin slowly in place. Which pleased us all greatly.

Sydney Adoration Foot Fetish Party ~ 23 Feb 2020 was set to a wonderfully heavy soundtrack courtesy of Mistress Lauretta which suited my aural sensibilities quite nicely and was a lovely juxtaposition to the WONDERFUL foot worship for the first ninety minutes of the party… we then played a game of trampling pool – the subs were placed underfoot and we used them as platforms while we took our shots, and every time we sunk a ball they would receive a kick in THEIR balls.

I also got to live my best life by dancing around a stripper pole while trampling and making pretty pretty polka dots on the back of a sub. <3
Now for the rest of my tour! I’m looking forward to all the wonderful wicked things, more sessions, more porn filming, and catching up with my beautiful people while I’m here.