I’ve had the utmost pleasure of working once again with photographer / videographer / smut producer Big Vin, for the first time in video form! I’ve also filmed for the first time with the extremely screamy and fun Tofux, and we’ve created some deliciously dark depravity for you to enjoy…

Wicked Witch of the Wet

WICKED WITCH OF THE WET – feat. Tofux & Sai Jaiden Lillith – filmed by Big Vin

Wicked witch Mistress Lillith preys on the unsuspecting Tofux in an abandoned warehouse, and puts her through a depraved slut transformation ritual… 

Video available here!

Tofux – https://onlyfans.com/tofux_
Filmed / Edited by:
Big Vin – https://onlyfans.com/BigVin

Shibari – Abandon Vol 1 w/Vegan Princess

The first photography shoot I did with Big Vin is also available here and is on sale at 50% off! Email me to get the download file sent to you after you’ve purchased it!

Dark rituals abound at the abandoned mill… A sacrifice must be made, captured and bound in rope, hung from the decaying remnants of machinery in a desolate industrial landscape. My Shibari suspension shoot with Vegan Princess, with 72 photos and 3 scenes included of various states of suspension, exposure and rapture.

Photography: Big Vin
Model: Vegan Princess
Shibari / Ropes: Me

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff from us!