It’s Halloween Month! The veils grow thin, and we celebrate the turning of the seasons – here in the southern hemisphere we’re heading into the warmer months and saying farewell to the cold days of winter…

There’s a lot of layers to Halloween – where we embrace the darkness, whether lightheartedly or in a deeper sense – it’s a time where we put on masks, and costumes, and make believe…

In another sense, it gives us the opportunity to dance with the devil, to explore those darker aspects of ourselves… The origins of Halloween speak of wearing masks and costumes to trick the dark spirits which were claimed to roam the earth during this time into thinking we were the same as them… But I like to think of this of an opportunity and a DESIRE to explore those darker parts of ourselves, the parts we claim are masks and costumes but which are really the manifestations of our own Others, our own shadows and demons that lurk within us. And perhaps in manifesting an external representation of them, we can understand more of the mysterious shadows that live within us all – and not live in fear of them, but harmoniously with them. I’m keen to dive into these themes in more detail throughout October…

Anyway! Enough exposition for now – To celebrate / honour this season, I’m having a 75% off sale on ALL my vampire / supernatural themed solo clips – below is the full list of all the clips that I have on sale at my Manyvids page!

Lilliths Eternity of Latex Enslavement
Vampire Lover Obsession
Lillith’s Latex Obession JOI (Vagina)
Vampire Lover Devotion JOI (Vagina)
Vampire Lover – Adoration – Boot Worship
Vampire Lover – Feed Me – JOI Penis
Vampire Lover – RUINED – JOI Vagina
Vampire Lover – Bound & Astral Fucked Vagina JOI
My Vampire Boss – Feeding Time
My Vampire Boss – Sit Up Beg Roll Over
My Vampire Boss: Feeding Time 2
My Vampire Boss: My Little Bitch
My Vampire Boss: Playing with Knives
My Vampire Boss: Flogging the Merchandise
My Vampire Boss: After Hours Training

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Happy Halloween month everybody!

With Love
Sai Jaiden Lillith