December Tour Dates Sydney – 30 Nov – 8 Dec

It’s been a long hard winter in lockdown Melbourne, but we’re finally free and I’m heading up to Sydney for one final hurrah of 2020. 

Touch, connection and intimacy is something so important and unique to the human experience for every individual, and we’ve become ever so more aware of it in these times… Do you crave the soft gentleness of feather strokes on skin, the deep embrace of stillness and restraint, the fiery bite of intense sensation or a feast of the unexpected and juxtapositions? Is the consensual exchange of power / authority the place where you feel like you’ve come home, casting off the shackles of control and exploring the depths of the serenity of surrender? Do you seek a deeper journey, an exploration of the lights and shadows that reside within, or a delicious escape from the every day, for the pure joy of it? Or is creating art on the edges what drives you and feeds you? I am open to conspiring and collaborations in all of these modes, and I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends, lovers and explorers as well as embarking on fresh journeys with beautiful strangers. 

 I’ll be travelling with the one and only, ethereally visceral, mischievously malcontent Eve X / Goddess Loving and together we will be colluding on a range of offerings that authentically feed and nourish us… join us and be consumed, immersed and enthralled in our ecstatic orbits. Stay tuned for more details on the secrets we have to share with you. 

As part of the joyousness of opening up my spaces again, I am offering reduced session rates and experiences for the rest of 2020 –

Be well, be safe, and I look forward to dancing with you…  ❤️ 
Sai Jaiden Lillith