TOURS – Sydney look out, EveX and I are coming to town!
PERFORMANCES – Melbourne gets a rope show and Sydney gets rope AND music from my band ZCluster
SESSIONS – discounted Rope only sessions and doubles!
SO MUCH CONTENT – highlights from the past few months and a sweet discounted package for being special!
ACTIVISM – Australia’s new Online Safety Bill and how it affects all of us


I’m touring Sydney from 12-19 April with the glorious Eve X – we’ll be offering some delicious delights together…  Get in touch if you have some specific requests, or want to indulge in one of our offerings… 
I’m looking forward to catching up with old lovers and playmates as well as getting to know some new ones, so make a date with me to play!

I’m offering a discount of $50/hr to anyone who books 7 days in advance and pays me a $100 deposit (which goes towards the total session fee). Eve X also provides services under Goddess Loving – what’s the difference? I’ll let the websites speak for themselves… 

Remember I’m offering one-on-one training sessions in a variety of skills including Shibari, Consent, role playing, BDSM 101 and more!


7 April – Golden Monkey (Mel) – 7pm-11pm
18 April – Frankie’s Pizza (Syd) – Shibari show with Eve X and singing with ZCluster – with special guest Alicia May (ex-SNVFF)


If you’re looking for an introduction to Shibari, or if you’d like to see me for discounted sessions, I’m continuing to offer pure rope sessions for $200/hr. This means just rope, no sex or any other BDSM activities. One of my specialties is also outdoor rope, and this is a service that incurs no additional costs except for transport time. If you’d like to capture your experience I also offer photography services at a flat rate, or as a free service if I can use the photos on my social media! 

A Taste of Sin$600/2 hours – a “sampler” session of a variety of BDSM, erotic and sensual delights – perfect for first timers or those who want to try something new…. this is only available to new clients! 


I’ve been creating lots of amazing content with long term lovers and new play partners (coming soon…)! Here’s some of the highlights of the past few months… If you’d like to purchase all 5 of these videos, I’m offering a limited time special of acquiring them all for $50! Email me to take advantage of this huge discount!

Confessions of a French Maid Vol 1 – YVETTE! w/EveX –This was so much fun to film, and really showcases the beautiful switchiness between Eve X and I… If you wanted to see mutual spanking and me getting hit with a breadboard while fucking Eve X with her legs wrapped around me, well, here it is!
Clips4Sale ManyVids

Roses, Rope and Ravishment w/EveX – A beautiful Valentine’s Day themed video, with Eve X bound with ropes to a table, a rose between her lips and strawberries being used in delicious ways, before I ravish Eve! Features a full length original soundtrack that I wrote!
Clips4Sale ManyVids

BLINDFOLDED: Reading Time, Adam’s Diary w/EveX – A fun little clip where I’ve blindfolded Eve X and reading Mark Twain’s very apt and satirical “Adam’s Diary” while using my fingers to bring her closer and closer to a giggling, laughing orgasm. 
Clips4Sale ManyVids

The Summoning Vol 1 – Demon Seedw/EveX diving deeper into our origins and sex magick, Eve X summons a lover from the void to feed her hungers in the flickering candlelight…
Clips4Sale ManyVids

Slave Training Vol 1: Surrender(Solo Video)Wanting to explore more power/authorithy exchange? A solo video where I drop you deeper and deeper into submission, and hold you softly in that space….
Clips4Sale ManyVids

And if you’re in need of being held, or some remote after care, here is the link to my Youtube channel where I’ve released these free Aftercare Videos.

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a solo video… What would you like to see more of?

Also I’m in the process of setting up my VERY OWN Clips store! Stay tuned for this exciting development, I’ll also be offering membership packages here, as well as full photosets! 

ACTIVISM – Online Safety Bill

I’m going to get on my soapbox for a moment. 

I’ve been spending a lot of my time around activism for the past couple of months due to the Online Safety Bill. Why? Because it has the potential to severely limit our internet freedoms, under the guise of “safety” – supporters of the Bill in its’ current form use the “WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN” rhetoric when in effect it’s giving an incredible amount of unneccessary power to an unelected individual to control the content that we can access in Australia. This doesn’t just affect the pornorgraphic, sex or erotic industries but your personal posting – as well as the video games industry, peripheral industries such as tantra and sex education, discussion groups, advocacy groups, academia and more. 

I want to be clear that I’m here for the stated aims of preventing and targeting cyberbullying of children and adults, as well as combating the non-consensual sharing of intimate images. The part we have issue with is Part 9 – which gives sweeping powers to the E-Safety Commissioner to take down consensual adult media. 

Want to know more about how this will affect you and how you can help? I’ve written a blog post about it, as well as done interviews and podcasts around the topic. NOW is the time to write in to your MP’s or to raise awareness around this! 

As always, don’t be shy about getting in touch with any questions or feedback! You’ll never know if you never ask. 

With love
Sai Jaiden Lillith