It’s been an honour & privilege to have had “Demon Seed – Blind Devotions” selected for the Erotica Festival! It’s one of the many creations that the outrageously beautiful Eve X and I have conspired on, and I’m so proud of us.

I’ve had a wild and interesting journey through porn creation over the past few years as well as through sex work and exploring BDSM. Confronting my own hangups, improving my negotiation / communication skills, working through internalised shame around my own desires.

Learning so many new sexual skills and forms of erotic expression, ways of giving and receiving, ways of exploring myself and others.

Finding new roads to peak experiences and sharing them with lovers and clients.

I believe in a vast range of erotic representation in film, from the most hardcore depraved taboo BDSM to gentle sensual esoteric explorations and every potential combination of possibilities! I would love for there to be even more varieties and acceptance of erotic expression and I think festivals like this are an important part of supporting and promoting that.

I may not agree with the views or find arousing the kinks and desires of everyone, but I am here for the free expression of those views, kinks and desires – and will support the ability and platforms for others to do the same.

Check out the festival link below, and if you’re buying a ticket please do consider using my affiliate code – You’ll get a discount on the ticket, AND the proceeds are shared between those who have entered the festival!

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Thank you Ilsa Fay and Erotica Film Festival for having us on board and putting this together!