Well I’ve done it, I’ve gone and launched my very own Content site! FieldsofLillithVideo.com is live, ready and waiting for you to enter its halls of debauchery. I’ll be selling my clips and exclusive photosets there, and there will be great membership packages!

As an introductory special, I’m offering 50% off the first months of membership to any who take up the offer in the first month. I’ve also got a Tier 2 membership package which allows you more clips per month, for those who want to support me more!

The site contains every single clip that I’ve created and launched over the past three years – spanning my entire porn career. I’ll be uploading exclusive image sets of my Shibari work, BDSM / erotic art, & me in various stages of undress… 

Over time I’ve had a lot of time to think about porn, visual erotica and my own philosophies & beliefs around them. You can find the full piece of writing I did around this on my clipsite – https://www.fieldsoflillithvideo.com/en/contents/carnal-manifesto.

When I first began in person sex work I had no idea that I would one day end up making porn! Even as an exhibitionist I still had body image issues and internalized shame that made it seem that it was something that wasn’t viable. Overcoming that and pushing past my fears is something I’m so happy to have done, and I continue to chip away at the thought patterns that no longer serve me, as well as working to create the porn that I want to see!

Sex and porn is a political act, and one might argue even more so in this day and age of slipping back into more sexually repressive and morally hysterical mindsets. Every porn I make is innately an act of rebellion against those who would silence us, who would restrict, diminish and censor the beautiful wildness of the human condition. 

It’s been a wild journey – and it shows no sign of ending. I’m loving exploring the visual medium to create erotic tableaux that encompass a range of desires, aesthetics and philosophies. From capturing the delicious simplicity of unashamed love making and fucking in all it’s variations, to creating moody, brooding erotic pieces of art, to exploring trauma and the dark edges of our experiences, to tongue in cheek moments of lightheartedness. There’s so much potential, and so much left to explore!

I’m grateful and honoured to have worked with a range of beautiful and wonderful collaborators to create these pieces, and I want to thank them all for going on this wild ride with me; Kristen Jade who popped my porn cherry and led me down so many wicked paths, Aeryn Walker; a loveable gremlin hottie, Zoey Diamond for exploring some hectic Military Fetishes and degradation / humiliation, Ms Andrie for being my filth cupcake, Mistress Arabella for creating some of our most hilarious moments on film, and last but not least, my dear love Eve X, partner and conspirator in the most delicious transgressions and sweetest sins.

I thank them all from the depths of my little black heart.

And thank YOU, for your support! All of this is just flickering in the void, but your witnessing it gives it a life beyond the hallways of my own twisted mind.

Enjoy, and remember, lube makes EVERYTHING better. 

With love
Sai Jaiden Lillith