My beloved Eve X and I have commenced a very special new project.

We’re having a baby! (Henceforth referred to as “Project Hellspawn”.) ????

I’m excited, proud & terrified in equal measure, looking forward to bringing this beautiful new chaos being into existence. I adore the pants off Awyn, and the thought of combining our flesh and spirit in such a way sends shivers up my spine.

It’s a wild plague world they’re being birthed into, but they’re going to get a stupid amount of love poured into them.

I’m extremely proud & happy with what I do, and I’m not going anywhere – we’ll be continuing to create delicious new content; and exploring & celebrating all the changes that will come… I’ll be continuing the Work, creating wild art, touring and generally being the transgressive weirdo that I’ve always been.

In fact, it’s pushing me to be more, to expand the possibilities and dive deeper into what I’ve been doing. I’ll be living my best life, and continuing to push those edges and doing what I believe in – because that’s the best kind of role model that I can provide for them.

So get ready for a whole slew of new content focussed around this. Pregnancy fetishists rejoice!

*Due date Jan 2022*

Much love to you all, xxx