Greetings lovers, pets and perverts!

I hope you’ve all been doing well during this marathon lockdown, if you’re anything like me you’re counting down the days until we can play together again… Honestly this has been an incredibly challenging period, and it’s ok to just say… Everything’s kinda shit right now. All things come to an end, good and bad, stay strong, we’ve got this!

That said, I’ve been keeping myself busy, and I’m very pleased to announce a few speaking engagements in peer panels and two new clips launched in the past month! I’ve been continuing to make solo and partnered content with Eve X, so never fear, the smut will continue!

I’m also three months away from becoming a parent, so that’s definitely exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure! I’ve been continuing to document the journey of pregnancy with Shibari Art Photography, porn and clips…


Vixen Decrim Panel + Discussion Theme: the internet, online censorship & SW rights facilitated by Sai Jaiden Lillith & special guest Gala Vanting

Date: 6 October
Time: 2-4pm

This one’s for current or past sex workers only – the first part of the group will be focusing on decriminalisation of sex work in Victoria and what steps we can take to make it happen!

The second half will feature myself and the wonderful Gala Vanting talking about topics near and dear to our hearts; the complexities of Online Censorship and the effects on Sex Worker rights.

If you’re a peer, please do get in touch with the Vixen Collective ( to organise your virtual attendance for this event.

Sex work during the pandemic – how work has changed and how to look after your wellbeing

Date: 14 October
Time: 6:30pm

I’m proud to be a part of this event hosted by SHIPS – kink / LGBTQ / poly / sex worker positive psychological services based in Melbourne. I’m part of a panel alongside Director Sarah Ashton, and my good friend and one of Australia’s top Dominatrixes Mistress Tokyo!

We’ll be talking about sex work during the pandemic, online work and looking after your wellbeing. this is another peer focused event, however it’s also open to the public. Tickets below! All proceeds go towards supporting inclusive psychological services.

New Clips

Backyard Banging

A delightful outdoor romp with my partner in life and erotic transgressions Eve X… A throwback to last autumn where we took advantage of our beautiful backyard and weather… and each other!

Guided Vibrator Masturbation Instructions – JOI for Vagina Owners

The latest in my series of BDSM flavoured JOI’s for vagina owners – this one focuses on the pleasures of vibrators; and a nice, slow journey through self pleasure. Follow my instructions to really take the time to open yourself up to erotic sensations, before the countdown to bliss at the end!

ZCluster new music!

I’ve also begun working on new tracks with my band ZCluster, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date on the latest news!

That’s all I’ve got right now, please stay safe, and be well❤

Love, Sai Jaiden Lillith