HI! So you all know the Online Safety Bill passed right? It doesn’t come into effect until Jan 2022, but the Basic Online Safety Expectations component is now accepting submissions, due on 15 Oct.

Here are just some of the groups that this new legislation will affect:

  • gamers
  • sex workers
  • LGBTQ community
  • BDSM / kink
  • sex educators
  • the internet in Australia

DRW presents a workshop on how to write a submission tonight! Livestreaming at 6pm, but the primer will remain online to watch once the live stream has ended.

DRW & EFA Present How to Write a Policy Submission

If you are concerned about shaping our online experience in a way that DOESN’T deprive consenting adults of their freedoms of expression, especially around sexuality, then please take the time to make a submission!

If you are concerned and angry about having your private messaging and activities on the internet scrutinized and sanitized, make a submission!

If you disagree that sex is INHERENTLY HARMFUL please make a submission!

If you think that consenting adults SHOULD BE ABLE to watch, read, and engage in discourse what they choose to, please make a submission!

I will be continuing to add to this blog with resources and updates leading up to the submission date.