Psychology and mental health is a passion of mine, in a deeply personal as well as intellectual way. My mental health journey has been a long one from diagnosis to acceptance to finding the right help for me. Without finding the right support and having a safe space to work on my mental health I wouldn’t be who or where I am today.

One of the barriers to sex workers getting the mental health services and support that they need is stigma and ignorance within the services community. There are some GREAT psychologists, therapists and other mental health support workers out there, however the casual stigma and unconscious bias that is perpetuated by society is also seen within mental health services, literature and research.

Mistress Tokyo, Dr Sarah Ashton of SHIPS Psychology & I will be hosting a panel aimed at mental health practitioners to create a more inclusive and safe space for sex workers. We are hoping to make this an ongoing collaboration that grows to include more representation and discourse to fight stigma and create a safe pathway for sex workers to seek mental health resources.

Hope to see you there.


Event info:
Date: Thursday 26 May 2022
Time: 6pm-9pm (Melbourne)
Location: Online

Professionals $85.49
Students: $64.39