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Sex Work Inclusive Psychological Practice Panel

Psychology and mental health is a passion of mine, in a deeply personal as well as intellectual way. My mental health journey has been a long one from diagnosis to acceptance to finding the right help for me. Without finding the right support and having a safe space to work on my mental health I…

Basic Online Safety Expectations Submissions due 15 Oct – A primer and helpful links

HI! So you all know the Online Safety Bill passed right? It doesn’t come into effect until Jan 2022, but the Basic Online Safety Expectations component is now accepting submissions, due on 15 Oct. Here are just some of the groups that this new legislation will affect: gamerssex workersLGBTQ communityBDSM / kinksex educators the internet…

How Mastercard’s New Porn Policies and Decrim Down Under Are Connected – A Guest Blog

I’ve written a guest blog for the wonderful Kim Cums talking about Mastercard’s new porn policies, discrimination against sex workers & decriminalisation & destigmatisation of sex work as a global movement – and how YOU can help.… #AcceptanceMatters #Sexworkiswork