Music has been a vital source of expression, creativity and release from an early age. It’s always been with me, and I am deeply passionate about creating and performing. It is as much a part of me as breathing, as BDSM, as sex and violence and life and death.

I am currently the vocalist / frontperson for the Gothic / Electronic / Industrial band ZCluster – and I bring the fetishistic, erotic energies that are present in my sessions to my vocals, lyrics and performances. I sing about sex and kink, I sing about control, I sing about pain and transcendence and darkness, and I dance around like a loon while I’m doing it. I love it, and I love the connection it affords me to entire rooms of people, to anyone who listens in the digital void.

All our music is available online. For latest updates on shows please follow us on Facebook.


ZCluster is the Melbourne and Sydney-based industrial/gothic offspring of vocalist Sai Lillith and electronic producer/guitarist INfest8. Shortly after forming in late-2016, the duo independently released their debut EP Broken Things. Creating emotionally charged dark siren songs, the combination of INfest8’s dirty layered grooves and Lillith’s intense, seductive vocal performances, stage presence, gender fluidity and fetishistic overtones inevitably leave an unforgettable mark on audiences and listeners.

Delivering powerful, striking, and engaging live performances since their inception, ZCluster have carved out a string of shows through the clubs and venues of Sydney and Melbourne to consistent critical acclaim with fellow electronic/industrial acts including SHIV-R, Military Position, UBOA, Deader, Darkcell, Noveaux and SNVFF, as well as supporting international acts Peter Murphy on his 2018 Bauhaus Ruby Anniversary tour and Trepaneringsritualen (SWE) at the UMAC 2019 Festivals in Melbourne and Sydney.

With lyrical themes exploring sex, power and desire through the divine, the damned, the ugly and the beautiful, ZCluster continue their journey into the depths with their remix album This Place is An Echo (2019) and their sophomore EP Down (2019).

2020 will see the release of more remixes, as well as work continuing on their third original release and performing across Australia.

INfest8’s production credits include Konqistador, Other, Sicktronic, The Birthday Massacre, Sara Noxx, Dream Disciples, Massivivid.

Sai Lillith’s past projects include Blatherskite (guitar, production, composition), The Abyss Collective (guitar, vocals, production, composition) and Annais Paris (keyboards, vocals).

Broken Things (EP, 2018)
This Place Is An Echo (Remix EP, 2019)
Down (EP, 2019)