Sometimes we lust for something deeper. A way to reconnect with parts of ourselves hidden, lost, damaged. To give power to an intention, to make a change in yourself that you desire. To journey deep, to find out what lies within. To overcome. To honour. To become.

Beltane Ritual Time with Awyn Raven at Alter Space

I love ritual – I love journeying deep, unlocking doors and holding you as you face what lies within. I love the ecstacy as you discover release, transformation, transfiguration. I love the tears as you endure, expand, emerge. I love the depth of connection and our own agency in creating living, breathing meaning and imbuing the world with power, grace and beauty. 

Ritual gives power to intention – and can be something as simple as lighting a candle while focusing on a thought, to that cup of morning coffee that starts your day – or as complex as a day long experience encompassing meditation, a range of BDSM and erotic activities and internal journeying to affect personal change, find hidden truths, reclaim yourself or mark a significant period or change in your life. Ritual imbues everyday acts with deeper meanings than the acts in themselves, ritual has the power to penetrate deeply into your mind and get past the conscious into the depths. 

What does this mean in real terms? 

I conduct my ritual offerings in similar ways to my BDSM sessions – however the main difference is the purpose behind every action, a clearly focused intention or desire of your own, something into which you want to pour all the energies created during an intense session of power exchange, physical peak experiences and altered states of being. I will tailor the ritual around this – in this scene I am a guide, a facilitator. We will discuss your needs clearly and at length; the desired outcome; the archetypes and roles which are required to dive deep. The ritual could involve heavy role play, energetic / breath work, mantras and ordeals – and all the tools of BDSM available. Here, the power exchange is a tool, not a means to an end. 

It can be ugly. It can be ecstatic. It can be brutal. It can be erotic. It can be transcendental. It can be all of these things and more. 

Get in touch with Me to discuss your needs and how we can journey together. 

Shot at Hedon House –