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Sai Jaiden Lillith

Helpless, blindfolded, anticipation building deliciously… rough cord of a rope dragging slowly across your skin, tightening and constricting around you. Hot breath tantalizing and teasing, the sharp sting of a crop, paddle, teeth or whip, your mind and body given over, every reaction and opening revealed explored and treated… accordingly.

Welcome to My world

I am a Melbourne based Escort, ProDom/me, Educator, PornstarShibari artist – living a life in exploration of sexual and social freedom, art, philosophy, BDSM, energy and eroticism.  I have dedicated myself wholly to these concepts, and have spent years professionally transforming My kinky, erotic dreams into realities – at establishments, through extensive touring interstate, running events, parties and workshops – always learning, always growing. 

A lifestyle BDSM Switch and unashamedly gender fluid. I do not believe in binaries or absolutes of gender or personality. I was born biologically male but I have always flowed between the polarities of feminine and masculine sexual identities. I enjoy playing across the entire spectrum of possibilities – the beauty of connection and all the ways in which it can be expressed.

Along with my life of kink I have a keen interest in psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and a range of artistic and esoteric pursuits. I am a musician, writer and visual artist. This creativity, passion, and genuine love for connection are what I bring to my encounters, play, performances and sessions. I’ve always been interested in exploration of others, of limits, of the depths and desires of human nature. I pursue My pleasures with the same vigour as My artistic and professional desires.

I offer sessions, appointments, lessons and performances to all who inquire respectfully.

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