Let me put you at ease, disarm and delight you.
Whether you’re looking for escape from the everyday, a companion for your journeys, a confidant or perhaps more, I would be delighted to meet your pleasures. Professional, intelligent, well-mannered, educated and open-minded, I am a charming and engaging conversationalist with a cheeky sense of humour. I look after my body as I do my mind, and my lean, androgynous dancer’s frame is carried with an easy, seductive grace that turns the heads of men and women alike. With a background in a range of artistic and musical pursuits, a keen interest in topics from the creative and political to the esoteric, a writer of stories, articles and poetry – erotic and otherwise, I enjoy turning my creativity, freedom of expression and love of connection and sense of theatre to fully engaging you mentally and physically.
I love creating a safe space where you can be at ease, and let the walls drop away – where you can just be yourself, and know that your needs will be catered to, that you will be heard, respected and held. Where you can have your desires met, whether it’s for a simple connection, engaging conversation, a relaxing massage, to be pampered and spoilt, to explore your sexual needs with total acceptance; where you can have something just for you.
I am shamelessly erotic and endlessly delighted by the variety of ways in which we can enjoy each other, and just as intoxicated by the interplay of words, ideas and the intangible as I am by the entwining of flesh.
Skin to skin sliding across each other, fingertips trailing, hands stroking, grasping, holding… gentle as a feather, inexorable as a steel trap. 
The aromas of arousal, winding around scented candles, drifting through the smells of the meal we enjoyed together, fresh brewed coffee in the morning. 
Desire, like juice dripping down flesh as we bite into fruit, salt taste of sweat and flesh on our tongues. 
The sounds of breath in ears, whispered words, crying out in the night; music entrancing and enticing as we dance. 
Drinking each other in with our eyes, gaze travelling over the landscapes of our flesh, open doorways to our souls.
I love exploring, and delight in both discovering new experiences and witnessing the joy in you as you discover them with me. Let’s start a conversation and see where it takes us!
Whether as your dinner date, companion for a night in, dance partner for an adventure out on the town, attentive lover or kinky bedroom explorer, in our time together my attentions are solely yours.
Ph: 0421 578 741

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