Something something butt joke

So I’ve just realised that this month I have ASSFest, as well as Strap On Forced Bi with Domina Parties…

Henceforth I have declared this month to be my FESTIVAL OF ASS.

In the spirit of this, I am offering discounts on any sessions which are ass-centric, including but not limited to:

  • Penetrative play
  • Impact play (spanking, caning, flogging, etc)
  • Electroplay
  • Rituals around base chakra stuff (security, home, etc)
  • You get the idea, feel free to make me an indecent proposal. (Respectfully, of course)

All sessions that conform to this shape (heh) will be $300/hr, down from my usual rate of $400/hr.

Sydney – you’ve got a limited window to take advantage of this opportunity – I have time for sessions on 20, 21, 22 of September ONLY.

Melbourne, you’ve got till the end of September, and I’ll be in town on 13-18 Sept, 26-28 Sept – it’s going to be a… tight fit. So GET IN quick.

Deposits and early bookings essential, I rarely take last minute bookings.

I believe I have done my duty with inserting as many ass related jokes as I can fit into your box.

I’ll go now.

Much love and asses
Sai Jaiden Lillith