I love imparting knowledge to others, there is nothing like sharing teaching and seeing the results, and I learn as much from those I teach as they do from me. A lover of knowledge and discovery, I take joy in continuously upskilling; improving and refining My own knowledge and abilities for my own pleasure as well as yours. I do not believe that the journey of learning ever ends. 
My skills can be broken into soft skills (such as the psychology of play and power exchange, intention, consent, negotiation, holding space, learning to improvise, role playing etc.) and hard skills (such as Shibari / bondage, impact play, electro play, CBT, genitorture, sensation play etc.
Private Lessons
Whether it’s an introduction, a refresher course or a deep dive into one of our shared passions, I am available for  intimate lesson environments for solo, couples or small groups to deliver My knowledge and expertise to you in an easy to understand and practical form. 
One on One Training
I offer a personalized training experience for those who wish to begin or expand their journey into the world of BDSM, kink and eroticism. This is a longer term program where I help to draw out and focus your authentic self into your Dominant energies – discard any notion of “the one true way” to be a Dom/me and the stereotypes of what a Power Exchange has to look like. Soft skills and hard skills will be imparted to you, across a broad range of topics and activities but focusing on what drives you, what gives you the fire in the eyes and the guts that makes a session more than skin deep. 
I’ve distilled what I’ve learned from professional and private experiences into packages that I am proud to have presented at events such as OzKinkFest, Melbourne SEXPO and at the prestigious Temple 22. I’ve hosted workshops of up to 200 attendees on a range of topics! Whether you’re interested in having an intimate class of a handful of enthusiasts or professionals, or larger events such as festivals and conferences – I am adept at presenting and packaging information in concise, in depth packages whether it’s for 15 minutes or hours. 
I present most of my workshops now through Sacred Primal Arts, an educational collective that I’ve co-founded with Eve X.
Workshop Topics that I have covered in the past are listed below and are just an example of the topics that I am pleased to host.  
Power exchange through Roleplay
Tying with Intent
BDSM Emergencies
Shibari in Context
Shibari – Basic Ties
Shibari – Intermediate Ties
Shibari – Advanced Ties / Suspensions
Rough Body Play

OzKinkFest 2017 – Our Kink discussion panel

Get in touch if there is something specific that you’d like to learn about and I would be happy to discuss my ability and availability in that area. 
Please feel free to contact me for more details –, Subject: Education.