I’m looking forward to My first appearance at the infamous Sydney Domina Parties, with my dear sisters in perversion and pleasure – Miss Penelope Dreadful, Aeryn Walker and Mistress Sindy Skin.

Discount code is available if you’d like to join us all day. Email dominapartiesau@gmail.com to enquire.


Are you looking to attend a private Domme party, BDSM party, fetish party or multi slave party?
Do you wish you could attend some of the hottest, most exclusive parties in Australia – where you can meet and play with not just one Dominatrix, but a small group of beautiful, assertive, professional and lifestyle Dominatrices?

Domina Parties successfully bridges the gap between large, public fetish clubs and professional one-to-one sessions. Whilst clubs can be intimidating to someone who, as a stranger to the scene, may not even be spoken to, let alone get involved in the BDSM play they crave, a professional one-to-one session can be daunting for other reasons. Placing yourself at the mercy of someone you have never met and may not gel with could be scary, and even the thought of arranging it may arouse guilt-ridden feelings as another hurdle to overcome. The reassurance of having the presence of others just like yourself right there in a “private party” atmosphere is the perfect introduction for a nervous newbie wishing to explore BDSM.

Regardless of your experience, we have a party that will suit your comfort level, attended by of some of the most beautiful, talented Dominatrices in Australia. You can feel secure in the knowledge that you are entering a totally welcoming and safe environment. Whatever your leaning, you should feel confident to express yourself and reveal your inner kink at any of our parties without judgement or discrimination.

Rest assured, we always operate in a safe, sane and consensual way. We employ the use of safe words and tailor play to the level the participating submissive is comfortable with, pushing boundaries only where appropriate, or with prior negotiation.

The only rules are:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Have fun!

First up is OBEY – be a slave to the desires of the combined forces of multiple mistresses, among other fellow slaves. 

Join Miss Penelope DreadfulMistress LillithMistress Sindy Skin and Aeryn Walker – Naughty Nerdy for a fun-filled afternoon of playful perversions – I mean diversions! – at an intimate private Sydney play space.

Obey! Or find out what happens when you dare to disobey Sydney’s most demanding Dominas at a private play party dedicated exclusively to all things FemDom.

Will they make an example of you? Take turns using and abusing you? Perhaps they’ll gang up on you, all at once! Or will it be your fate to be forced into a cage and made to watch everyone else having fun? With their deviant imaginations and extensive experience, anything is possible.

Find out more about our Obey! Multi Mistress Parties here

All play is possible, all limits are respected. Submissives of all orientations and experience levels are welcome to join in the femdom fun. Places are strictly limited to ensure quality play, discretion and comfort – you don’t want to miss out!

We will be joined by the incredible LHD art, bringing her unique style of erotic life drawing to the party.

Event Details: 2pm to 5pm, Saturday 14 July 2018
Address provided by SMS the day before.


Secondly, BOUND, an evening of restriction in leather, metal, latex, rope and more… I’ll be tying a lucky few who will get the opportunity to experience My passion for Shibari with Me in an intimate environment, as well as the various restrictive delights that the Mistresses will have in store for you. 

Bound is the ideal opportunity to indulge in the breadth of bondage and restraint that you have dared to dream.

Prepare for entrapment as a fly in a spider’s web – including having lashings of rope wrapped around you, being chained and cuffed, mummified in saran-wrap, secured with duct tape, shrouded in latex, placed in a leather sleep sack, or even left locked in a cage and forced to watch another’s torment.

Do you dream of being left in a cage, cuffed and restrained, strapped down, chained up or simply wrapped in rope whilst left to the mercy of a capricious Dominant Lady?

There is the option of full sensory deprivation or blindfold, and if requested we can feed you specially chosen music or noise to ‘enhance’ your stay. Once immobilised, we might leave you to contemplate your life, or perhaps torment you whilst you’re helpless!

We will be joined by the incredible LHD art, bringing her unique style of erotic life drawing to the party.

Event Details: 7pm to 10pm, Saturday 14 July 2018
Address provided by SMS the day before