My beautiful pets and perverts.

It’s been a wild time and we’ve all been through a lot. But now the curtains are opening again, and I’ll be heading back to Sydney for the first time in months, as well as opening up Melbourne sessions again! 

I’ve been so very busy during this time setting up My online presence and offerings, and to those of you who have taken the opportunity to explore the possibilities that I created during our restricted times, I thank you for your support and allowing Me to support you. I’ve made an immense amount of content as well as setting up video and phone sessions in a variety of forms, all of which will still be operating strongly as I begin My face to face sessions again. 

As a thanks to all of you for your support here is a discount code for My Manyvids page, where I have 85 clips with more launching all the time!

Discount Code for 10% off ALL clips and services (Valid up to 30/6/2020): Sai56786

Yes Sydney, I’m coming back! It’s been four months since I’ve been back to My hometown, and it’s time to bring back the ruckus…

I will be heading up to Sydney with the magnificent and downright sexy tantric kink witch Awyn Raven, and we will be offering very exclusive sessions together…. from sensual explorations to deep dive journeys and energy / bodywork, come and explore the delicious decadent possibilities with us… 

My availability for the tour currently:
25.06 – 3.07

Contact Me for available times.

Erotic Messages / Stories – $20 / SMS/Messages – 500-2000 characters. 
Phone Sessions – $50 / 30 mins
Video Sessions – $100 / 30 mins
Remote Skill Training Sessions – $50 / hr 
Niteflirt – Phone and chat sessions at Niteflirt are also available for those who wish to use the convenience of a minute rate or to chat to me through text.

Between May and June I’ll have released 48 new clips for all of you wonderful perverts out there… I’ve been exploring the possibilities of solo content, creating JOI’s and immersive experiences for vagina as well as penis owners – I have purposefully kept the language as such to be inclusive of all genders with the appropriate genitals for each clip, as well as some which are non gender specific!

Aspects of Myself I have created content for are Drill Sergeant, Vampire Lover, Headmistress Lillith, The Doctor, The Carny and more… All these are roles I play, yet they are also a part of Me, aspects which rise into ascendance for a time. These are roles that I assume in session as well, My own interpretation of Archetypes and energies – so if one of these or more resonates with you strongly, face to face sessions can be constructed to explore these faces. 

I’ve also got a whole lot of partnered content coming up, as well as many more filming plans coming up!


You can also browse my Clips4Sale collection directly from My website!

With Love
Sai Jaiden Lillith