For the month of December I’ve colluded with the esoteric siren Eve X for a series of very special doubles offerings… These hand crafted doubles offerings will also be available in Sydney.


Be transformed into a living piece of art by two artisans of the flesh and soul… Take a journey with Eve X and I as we weave a web of ropes around you, and use components such as wax, flowers and found objects to create an exquisite piece of performance art out of you. Capture your experience as well as the end result in photos. (10 processed and edited photos included in $100 base rate, additional photos at $20/photo)

$400/hr + $100 base rate
$150 For your eyes only (Exclusivity)


Let us fill you utterly… Don’t you want to be the meat in the sandwich between Eve X and Lillith? Eve X is a Goddess with a strap on, and I know exactly how to hit those delicious spots inside of you.  You’ll have the choice of either my flesh cock or an additional strap on to pin you perfectly in between us.

Go on, you know you want to… 



Take a deep ritual journey through the underworld with us… Explore death and rebirth, and all the potentials that can be exposed through an ordeal path. Drawing on mythic archetypal energies and our combined experience in the esoteric, BDSM and sexuality to go deep and see what you will find through the doorways of your soul. Extended discussions will be required to fully realise the experience, and to discuss the boundaries and potential trauma release, hard limits and triggers that we can avoid or explore. Three hours is the minimum time for this booking. 

$1500/3 hrs


The exquisite cuckolding experience… Have you ever seen Eve X and I playing together in our delicious erotic videos? Well now’s your chance to to experience the chemistry of our sexuality up close and personal. Be placed (or restrained) in the corner of the room while we fuck and cavort just out of reach, tantalising and teasing you with the sights, sounds and smells of our arousal. Perhaps we’ll even set the cameras running for our own pleasure while you lurk just off screen, and you can know that when we publish the clip that you were so very, very close to the action. 

$150 For your eyes only (Exclusivity if filming occurs)

Contact us via email or text to discuss the details of your journey…
0421 578 741