Starring Zoey Diamond and Sai Jaiden Lillith

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Part 1
ATTENTION! Cadet Zoey Diamond has been enlisted into Sergeant Lillith’s army of perversion, and there’s a lot of training to be done to polish this gem. From the very start she’s put in her place, and treated like the useless blonde bimbo dog that she is. Lillith collars and leashes her before ordering her to assume the correct positions while administering incentives with various implements of behavioural correction. She has her tissue thin body stocking torn into pieces and her naked body is graffitied with obscenities and painted with spit. Thorough testing of her physical capabilities begins with invasive examinations of her mouth, Lillith pulling on black nitrile gloves to perform the health check. She’s then bound to a bondage horse where every limb and body part is restrained while her pert bottom is punished with ever heavier strokes. Zoey struggles to follow the orders as the blows continue to fall and she is painted in the red hues of pain and pleasure.

Part 2
Cadet Zoey Diamond’s training continues as the unforgiving Sergeant Lillith continues to blur the lines between pleasure and pain. With a military grade vibrator on hand, her pussy is alternatively punished and pleasured as she struggles to remember her orders. Next she’s attached to a St Andrew’s cross to hold her in place while her nipples are pegged, squeezed and twisted, all in the name of Lillith’s twisted desires. She’s spat on and humiliated as Lillith delivers spanking to her pussy and thighs – her useless mouth and throat are trained with a large black silicone cock as she gags and drools. To add insult to injury Lillith uses the wet spit covered cock to beat her pussy before spinning her around to prepare her for a flogging to push her body further than it has ever gone.

Part 3
The final installment of Drilling for Diamond! Cadet Zoey Diamond’s gruelling training session under the depraved Sergeant Lillith cums to an end, as Lillith pushes Zoey to the limits. Unfurling a black multi tailed whip, Lillith unleashes it on Zoey’s quivering back, drawing cries of pain as her tender body splayed on the St Andrew’s cross is whipped and marked. Weaving between sensuality and sadism, 8Zoey is kept guessing as to whether she will feel cruelty or kindness – and even a cup of water is used to further humiliate and degrade her. Zoey’s made to crawl with a vibrator clamped between her legs, and Lillith straddles her as both spit and more blows from the crop rain down on her battered body. Finally her clitoris is relentlessly assaulted with the vibrator as she’s made to cum again and again until she’s exhausted. Every facet thoroughly tested, humiliated and degraded, Cadet Zoey Diamond thanks Sergeant Lillith for choosing to take the time to break such a worthless piece of trash like her.

In Perversion,
Sai Jaiden Lillith