The Nurse stroked Anne’s face lovingly with the cold steel clamps.  The wires trailed over her throbbing breasts and brought another twitch from Anne.  The Nurse’s eyes filled with something akin to concern, and she put down the clamps, much to Anne’s relief.  That relief disappated however, when the nurse pulled out a pair of ice packs from the freezer.  Shaking her head minutely, she stared at the Nurse approaching her with a sense of dread, ice packs held in her gloved hands.  Slowly, deliberately, the Nurse brought them closer and Anne shook as they were held just millimeters away from her, just enough to feel the cold emanating from them. Her breath quickened, and as she drew in a breath the Nurse pushed them onto her breasts.

The feeling when they touched her nipples was both exquisite and excruciating.  Anne HATED the cold and instinctively struggled but the feeling was warring with the cool relief from the hot soreness… numbness spread across the front of her chest, and she sighed…

After a while though, the numbness started to move to a cold, dull and bone deep ache.  She shivered violently, and looked pleadingly at the Nurse.  The Nurse watched her intently, scribbled some notes in a clipboard and just as the pain started to become unbearable removed the ice packs.

The Nurse laid the metal clamps on her nipples, and Anne tensed as she prepared for the tightening pain.  This time however the Nurse merely fastened them firmly – Anne was puzzled, and the Nurse stared intently into her eyes once more as she reached over… and flicked a switch on the machine.

Anne shrieked and arced her back as the jolt of current ran through her nipples and through her body.  It was as if a hundred little teeth were biting into her, deeply, inside.  Mercifully it was a short burst, and she fell back to the table sobbing.  The Nurse watched with her head tllted quizzically.  Then the strangest thing happened – a moment later, Anne felt a lightheaded euphoria spread through her, and she felt like she was floating again.  She giggled.  The Nurse nodded, looking very pleased and scribbled more notes, and after turning some dials on the machine pushed the button again.

This time Anne barely felt anything, as if there was a bee in the next room, a low, quiet buzzing that she felt rather than heard.

The Nurse picked up a another couple of tiny clips connected to wires – Anne’s eyes widened as she saw this, and realised what other metal object was still inserted into her person… Smiling with her eyes as she saw this, the Nurse slowly and deliberately attached the clips to the metal probe still inserted into Anne’s vagina.

Anne twitched… the buzzing had spread, was now running from her breasts, and down… the Nurse stood behind the machine again, and reached down to slowly turn the dial.  The buzzing became a tingling, growing, and Anne was thinking that this was not unpleasant at all, until the Nurse swiftly spun the dial up.  This time she could not make a sound as the biting sensation tore through her, from her cunt up through her breasts, and she convulsed on the table violently.  The Nurse’s eyes smiled, as she gazed down at Anne’s body.  Again, it was only momentary, and the Nurse wound the dial back to a low level buzz.

Tears ran down on Anne’s cheeks, and that strange lightheadedness flowed through her, that floating sensation that was now triangulated between her nipples and spread open pussy, and she once again felt the euphoria spread through her, stronger this time.  Her pussy still tingled from the shock, and horrified, she caught herself hoping the next one would come soon.

The Nurse clicked the dial upward another notch.  The buzzing escalated past the tingling, and now it felt like those tiny teeth were laying their sharp points on her flesh. As anticipation and dread wrapped together in Anne’s mind, she started to drift, closing her eyes and giving herself over to the Nurse’s capable hands.

She felt a cold wetness on her anus, and her eyes flew open once more.  The Nurse was between her legs, and on the screen (how was the image getting there?  Where could the camera be that was showing her the image of herself spread open without the Nurses’ body in the way?) she saw the Nurse’s gloved finger spreading some gel around her other hole.  She gasped, she had never had anything up there before… what…  Then the Nurse inserted her little finger, slowly, into the hole.  Anne gave an indrawn breath.  At first she tensed up, and the Nurse paused, then looked into her eyes again.  Anne felt them work their strange magic on her and she relaxed, sinking back into space.  The Nurse continued to slide her finger in, now unimpeded by Anne’s resistance.  It was strange to have something up there, but now that she relaxed it was not unpleasant.  She felt a tingling around the opening that she had never felt before, and the Nurses’ fingers had warmed the latex gloves.  The Nurse gave the little finger an experimental wiggle, and Anne moaned softly.  Withdrawing the little finger, slowly, felt like Anne was going to the toilet, and she panicked a little at the thought of soiling herself.

The Nurse applied more of the gel to her fingers, then inserted her index finger slowly.  Anne could feel the difference in the size, and marvelled at her own sensitivity.  Now that she was relaxed it felt a little tighter, but still not unpleasant.  The Nurse inserted the finger all the way, and reached deeper inside of Anne.  The buzzing of the electrodes kept her floating, and the finger inside her was making her grow warm.  The Nurse slid her finger in and out of Anne a little more, making sure that she was still relaxed.  Anne could feel herself loosening further.  This time, the Nurse put her middle finger in as well, and Anne gasped as she felt herself being stretched open further.   The screen showed her everything, her vagina spread apart, steel probe still inserted into her, the Nurse’s gloved fingers inserted into her anus and clear fluid which wasn’t purely gel collecting, dripping slowly down her lips.  She moaned, feeling obscene, feeling exposed, feeling hotter by the second.   The Nurse worked her fingers in and out slowly, expertly, and Anne relaxed around them even further, eyes growing unfocussed as the electric teeth and the foreign, tingling insertion and fullness drew her deeper down.

Stopping, the Nurse reached down and drew out a small pair of hoses, connected to rounded rubber ends.  She coated these too, and slowly inserted them.  Anne tensed up slightly at the cold rubber entering her, but they were smaller than the Nurse’s two fingers put together.  All of a sudden she felt herself filling up with warmth, as the Nurse pumped warm liquid into her.  Her eyes rolled back.  It was strange but it felt so good to be filled up with that much warmness… the Nurse pressed another button, and she felt herself drain out through the other hose…  she was being cleaned out, and with a delicious shudder she wondered what else was going to happen.
When the Nurse was satisfied at her cleanliness, she gently removed both the hoses and set them down.  She picked up another strange device from the table, this one looking like a cross between the spreader and the blunt bill of some strange metal bird.  There were two adjustable knobs, and the bill was completely closed.  She coated the device with the gel, and slid it into Anne.  Anne was expecting coldness, but the device was warm, as though it had been next to a heater or in heated water.  She was perfectly relaxed there now and it slid in with no resistance.  Once it was in, the Nurse began adjusting it.  She could see herself on screen, the metal bill inserted into her, growing wider with each turn of the knob, the stretching feeling growing stronger, the buzzing and tingling growing inside her.  Again, when the sensation became almost too much, the Nurse stopped.  She hovered there, between pleasure and pain, staring at her forcibly stretched openings as the Nurse strode back to the machine, and turned the dial back dwn till Anne felt the bee in the next room sensation again.  She grabbed another two clips.  Anne whimpered slightly, but offered no resistance as the Nurse connected the next two clips to the ends of the metal bills and reached for the dial again. 

Slowly, the dial turned up, and Anne felt the buzzing and tingling grow.  This time she could feel it in the flesh between her vagina and anus, the teeth digging their points through her, between the walls, up through her belly, to her nipples, and she could almost see the lines of blue light moving through her, tracing the path that the sensation was taking.  Her breathing quickened.


Anne arced as the Nurse spiked her with another intense shock, then wound down again to just above where it was before the jolt came.  Again, the hand on the dial turned incrementially, increasing the flow of current slowly. 


Biting down on the gag as she spasmed involuntarily, this one felt stronger than the last, and she came back down panting.  The flow increased slowly once more, past the light resting of teeth into gnawing, tiny pinpricks running all through her.


This time Anne whined, the sound forced out from around the gag, as this time even wound back, the pain still worked its ragged jaws in her.  The flow increased again, and she began to shake gently, the lightheadedness now constant and the waves of euphoria building within her.


Anne began to arc violently, lifting her body as far off the surface of the examination table as she was able under the restraints.  She could feel the pressure of the electricity within her gathering, as well as something else…


The spikes were at a level intensity now, but the dips were getting higher as well… she was shuddering constantly now, and she knew that she couldn’t take much more before…


She screamed around the gag as she felt something give way inside her at the last three violent shocks, and then the dial was left turned up, dragging her down into a maelstrom, all conscious thought driven out of her mind as it felt as though her orgasm was being blasted into her by the machines.  She convulsed violently, the euphoria and intensity of the sensations building inside her overflowing filling the room, along with an unearthly blue light.  The map of light arced across her skin visibly this time, though Anne was in no state to take any notice.  The electricity was constant now, and she could feel the waveform of it, feel her body arcing into the shape of the frequency flowing through her, being shaped and thrown around by the forces beyond her control flowing through her, and she took in every last bit of it, devouring the sensations greedily.

The Nurse flicked off the switch, and Anne was left drifting in a state of euphoria she had never known before.  Her head lolled from side to side, and all of her body tingled as she grinned foolishly.

Surely I must be somewhere up in the sky

I am a cloud…

The screen was off now, and the Nurse gently unplugged and removed the implements from inside her, winding down the screws and sliding all the metal off and out of her.  One by one the restraints were undone and fell to the ground with a gentle clink.  She was left lying naked on the table and she shivered slightly from the cold, feeling absolutely no motivation nor ability to move from where she lay.  The Nurse drew a luxurious grey fur throw over her drowsy form, reached over to stroke her head once, then gently closed her eyes. Anne drifted off into sleep.

The Nurse removed a metal capped glass valve from the machine, eyes reflecting its lambent blue glow, and turned it over in her hands slowly.