Anne shook her head and stamped her foot.

“But I don’t want to be examined!”

The Nurse regarded Anne, saying nothing.

Anne shivered, regretting her outburst. The Nurse was feared almost as much as the Headmistress – however with her cold unreadable eyes, none of the students ever knew what to expect from her. No one ever spoke about their examinations, not one. And no one, ever, ever spoke back to her – she never said a word, and the students dreaded receiving the pink form of the Nurse’s examination appointments. She never took off the medical mask that she wore, and there was never the slightest hint of what she was thinking.

The Nurse continued to stare at Anne.

“What… ” Anne’s voice faded away, and the words flew out of her head. She suddenly felt very small, and afraid. She didn’t know what to do with silence. With nothing to react against, all her brattiness dried up, and she was left tongue-tied. Her eyes flickered around the room anxiously. Her mouth was very dry.

She looked up, pleading, “Please, may I have some water?”

The Nurse stared for a few moments, making Anne wonder if she had even heard her. Then she slowly stood up, turned around, and walked slowly over to the water cooler. The click, click, click of her heels on the hard tile floor filled Anne with dread. Click, click, click – each footfall was like a cold spike through her heart, and all of a sudden she panicked.

Anne jumped up, knocking over the chair and running for the door. She was terrified of the Nurse, of her silence, of her intense eyes, and it was just all too much. She needed to find Gwen, she needed to get out of the room, she needed to…

Suddenly there were strong hands wrapped around her torso, pinning her arms to her side, and she slid to a shocked stop. She hadn’t even heard the Nurse, how could she have gotten there so quickly and so quiety? She squeaked in terror, and started to draw in a deep breath to scream – then there was a steel grip around her throat. Her scream became a gurgle, and she heard her heart beating, very loudly, louder and louder as blackness began to overcome her. The arm released just before she passed out, and she gasped in a deep breath as a pungent cloth was clamped over her mouth. Her head started spinning and she had just a few moments to register how pleasant the feeling was before everything went black….

Clink. ( beep)

Anne blinked slowly, seeing nothing but blurred white and shadowed forms. As her vision cleared she saw that she was staring straight up into a surgical lamp, in an examination room with cold white tiles all around her. She squinted again and tried to raise a hand to block out the light. But she couldn’t move. She realised that all of her clothing had been removed, and the cool air raised goosebumps on her skin. She felt leather straps around her wrist, all over her naked body securing her to the examination table, and panic filled her once more. A scream bubbled out of her, but the gag that filled her mouth turned it into muffled nonsense.

Clink. (beep)

She searched frantically for the source of the sound, of metal against metal with a growing sense of fluttering dread. Turning to her left, then right, she saw the back of the Nurse who was bent over a small portable tray, busying herself with the mysterious sounds, for the moment apparently oblivious to or uncaring of the sound of the struggling. There were small wires running off from her chest and wrist, connected to a heart monitor – the source of the beeping – loud and beating faster in time with her racing heart.

Clink. (beep-beep)

Anne renewed her efforts against the straps, but the examination table she was on was very sturdy, and the leather bonds were very secure. She could almost reach the buckle if she bent her hand back enough, just a little further…

Clink. (beep-beep-beep)

The Nurse slowly turned around, and there was a dreamy look in her eyes that Anne had never seen before, which somehow terrified her even more than the Nurse’s usual inscrutable expression. Her gaze was almost loving. She held a pair of small stainless steel clamps in her hands.

Anne’s eyes widened, and she shook her head wildly.

The Nurse approached her, and with viper-like speed her hands shot out and secured the final strap around Anne’s forehead, stilling her shaking. Anne sobbed silently, as the Nurse gently ran one latex finger down her cheek, brushing away a tear, and brought the other finger up to her mask in a shushing motion, eyes gleaming. She lowered her face right until their eyes were inches away from each other, not blinking once. Anne was mesmerized. Those eyes were like cool bottomless pools of emerald liquid and she felt herself relaxing against her will, the beeping of the heart monitor slowing down.

Why won’t she blink…. she thought hazily, but the thought was distant, like an echo from another room.

Still inches away from her face, the Nurse slowly ran the cold clamps up Anne’s body. The icy steel brought a low moan from Anne, and the Nurse’s eyes crinkled in that masked smile once more. She felt the rubbery cool grip of the clamps encircle her nipples, and her eyes widened as she realised what was going to happen. The Nurse shushed her again, strange eyes boring into her, and the gloved hand stroked the side of her head tenderly. Anne shuddered, but helpless, she could do nothing… and… quite honestly she did not know if she wanted to…

The Nurse nodded, satisfied. Slowly, she ran her latex coated hands down over Anne’s breasts, trailing over the tops of her nipples and drawing another shiver from Anne, this time not quite entirely from terror. Long fingers touched lightly on the delicate looking steel screws on the clamps, then gripped and began turning.

Anne gasped. The slowly tightening pressure was like nothing she had ever experienced. She could feel the tingling spread downward from her hardening nipples, into her belly, and beyond. Slowly, the clamps tightened, the moments seeming to drag out as if suspended in amber. Inexorable, and constant, and her pleasure were growing… tipping into a dull ache, a slow heat moving through her. She could hear the beeping slowly escalate, and the accelerating tempo of the sound was a counterpoint to her own whirling thoughts and arousal.

A whimper escaped her lips, and the Nurse looked up, pausing, then gave the screws a final twist sending a pair of sparks shooting through Anne’s body – she panted… it was nearly unbearable… nearly… the looming tide of pain was flowing, swirling and strengthening the undercurrent of pleasure, flooding her with sensations and dragging her urgently down into the languorous aching warmth.

The Nurse watched her face intently, noting every quiver of her lips, every twitch that ran down her body.

Nodding and turning, she made her way back to the tray.

Clink. Clink. Clink.

Anne lay there, thoughts rushing through her head, growing incoherent with the intensifying pain from her nipples. It kept growing… She didn’t know how much more she could take, or how much more it would hurt….

The Nurse turned around again, this time holding what looked like a cross between a pair of scissors and tongs. There was a locking mechanism on it that looked like it could be set to different widths, and Anne shuddered. The Nurse walked over again, her eyes never leaving Anne’s face. She put two pairs of smaller straps around Anne’s ankles and knees, then attached them to a frame hanging from the ceiling from a set of pulleys. Once they were secure, she undid the straps around Anne’s legs, then proceeded to spread her legs up and apart. Instinctively Anne tried to press her legs together, but her efforts were in vain against the inexorable forces working against her. She stopped struggling, tears running down her face. The Nurse stopped when her legs were spread as wide as they could go, and walked over to Anne’s head. Again, she made her shushing motion, and gently wiped the tears from her cheeks. She brought her face close to Anne’s, this time till their foreheads were touching. All Anne could see were her eyes, unblinking – she was drowning in them, their unyielding steadiness immersing her – and she once again relaxed, breathing slowing. All she could focus on was those eyes and the dull, aching pressure that now felt expansive, as if that was the centre of her existence and the rest of her revolved around the pleasure/pain. The cold examination theatre air chilled her pink and damply glistening lips, pulled slightly open by the spreading of her legs, the cold and heat meeting in the middle of her, pulsing in time to her heartbeat.

The Nurse walked slowly back to the other end of the table, and pressed a switch. A screen lit up in front of Anne, presenting in magnified detail her lips parted open obscenely, a small hole framed by pinkly wet flesh. Anne had never seen herself in such detail, so exposed. She blushed, the inescapable, larger than life image of herself on the screen making her feel even more naked than she already was. The Nurse looked intently at Anne’s pussy, reaching out one latex gloved hand to probe gently. Anne watched it happen on the screen and gasped at the rubbery latex coming into contact with her slick lips, joining the tumult of sensations whirling around inside her. The Nurses’ eyes crinkled again, and she raised the spreader, and gently slid it inside of Anne. She began to slowly squeeze the handles, prying Anne open millimeter by millimeter.

Anne’s eyes widened as she felt herself opening up against her will, hypnotized by the reflection of her sex on the screen with that metal spreader violating her, spidery metal legs pulling her apart… The sensation of stretching grew stronger, her heartbeat growing faster as she watched. The Nurse squeezed the handles further, intent on her action and Anne’s twitching reactions, then stopped. Anne couldn’t take her eyes away from the image of herself splayed wide open, and wondered what Gwen would think if she could see her now, the thought bringing a rush of heat to her face.

Reaching into a small freezer, the Nurse withdrew a long metal probe, perhaps two finger-widths in diameter. She reached for a pump bottle and covered one of her gloved hands in a clear gel. Slowly, deliberately, she ran her slick fingers around Anne’s gaping pussy lips as if she were making a crystal glass sing, her firm steady pressure and detachment at odds with the delicious sensation ringing into her and Anne couldn’t help but moan and press her hips upwards towards the Nurse. A raised eyebrow greeted this, and another crinkling of the eyes. The Nurse reached deeper inside her, sure fingers making sure that her insides were slick with the lubricant, though she barely needed it – Anne could see and feel how wet she was, and her breathing quickened. Still making slow circles, those white gloved and slender fingers made their way as far inside as they could go, then dragged outward and pushed up at the swollen lump of Anne’s G-spot. Anne moaned loudly through the gag, it felt as though the Nurse’s fingers were pushing directly into her stomach, up through and into her brain, sending waves through her. The Nurse examined the screen, then looked back at Anne, gave one final delicious press and then withdrew her fingers. She coated the probe with the same wet gel, then touched it to the entrance of Anne’s sex.

The cold steel lightly touching her would have made her squeal if the gag hadn’t been in place. It was freezing, and the contrast between the heat building inside her and the refrigerated instrument was enough to make her eyes roll back, and again she bucked her hips up, panting. Staring right at Anne’s face, the Nurse firmly inserted the probe inside her, sliding it swiftly in all the way up to the handle till it could go no further, as deep as anything had ever been inside poor Anne, a long freezing finger of wet metal probing her insides, at the same time yanking at the clamps around her nipples which flew off with what felt like a lightning bolt of bright pain slamming through her. Anne did shriek then, convulsing long and hard and biting down on the gag as she was pushed over the edge by the tides of opposing sensations crashing over her, overflowing hotly and violently to subsume her completely. She had never experienced anything this intense, not even when the Headmistress had punished her with Gwen… The screen showed her frantic thrashing, twitching lips, contracting again and again around the steel instrument pressed deep inside her, as if trying to swallow it whole. She shook and mewled through the gag, and would have thrown herself off the table had she not been tightly secured.

As conscious thought and her vision returned to Anne, she saw the Nurse clasping her hands together delightedly, as strong an expression of any emotion from her that Anne had ever witnessed as Anne’s orgasm finally ran its course. She panted deliriously, head lolling to the side, thin trail of drool down the side of her face. She felt as though she were floating in space.

Finally she looked up through the haze of her receding release at the smiling eyes of the Nurse, wondering if she was to be set free.

The Nurse, as if reading her thoughts, shook her head slightly and slowly held up a different pair of clamps, these ones flat bladed, with no rubber and connected to a pair of wires running into another machine which buzzed gently like a neon light bulb.

Anne whimpered.