“Now, you will have your means of delivering your justice upon those transgressors of our Beloved School’s Rules, with the full Authority of the Headmistress herself.  Congratulations, Prefect Arianna.”

The Headmistress smirked, and said “Now, I will teach you how to really be…. the Teacher’s Pet.”

Arianna, or should we say, Prefect Arianna, looked stunned.

“Thank you! I can’t believe…. I never would have thought…”

“You attempted to uphold the school rules – instinctively – you feel deeply the importance of adhering to these rules, as you realised they are not arbitrary and they exist for the benefit of all.  You are more than adequete with a crop, which we’ve seen proof of. And you can take as well as you can give – I have never dished out anything I couldn’t and haven’t received, and you have performed most admirably.  And besides all that, I sense something about you…. something that indicates that you are destined for greatness… But it will not come without cost, as all good things do.  Are you prepared to accept all of this?”

“Yes! It’s been my dream… to become one of the Prefects.  Thank you Miss, thank you so much, I shall not disappoint you!”

The Headmistress looked mock-stern “Best not, little Arianna, for you would NOT like the punishment I would dispense if you do.”

Arianna nodded vigorously.

“Now,” the Headmistress purred, with an evil look on her face, “Back to where we were… You are not just going to be a prefect.  Because I know what else you need.” she said, stroking Arianna’s hair.

Arianna blushed, and said truthfully “I would do anything for you, Headmistress.  And this School.”

The Headmistress raised an eyebrow and laughed.  “Oh, such promises!  You should be careful little one, my anything can be quite… extreme.”  She attached a length of silk to the collar, and held the end in her hand mockingly as she nuzzled into Arianna’s neck, drawing another shiver from the girl.

“Now little one, I’ve worked up quite a sweat with you, before we proceed any further I shall have my bath, and you shall attend to me.  Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes Headmistress.” said Arianna obediently, and proudly.

“Now help me out of these…” the Headmistress indicated the corset and long flowing dress which she was wearing. Arianna moved to undo the clips of the beautiful velvet corset, and the Headmistress sighed it fell away.  She stood regally as Arianna reached down, and lifted the dress slowly over her head.  The Headmistress’s lean, tall form flickered in the firelight, and Arianna blinked, sure that her eyes was merely playing tricks on her.  The Headmistress paused and looked speculatively at Arianna.

“So you noticed, did you? Most impressive. Even most trained Prefects don’t, but your young eyes have seen through the shadow.  I think there is even more to you than I thought.”  Arianna looked puzzled, but the Headmistress just smiled mysteriously, and grabbed Arianna’s hair, pulling her close till their noses were nearly touching, Arianna’s neck arched up to look into the Headmistress’s black eyes.  Her lips parted slowly, and she bit Arianna’s top lip gently, then ran her tongue around her lips, darting in to flick at her tongue.  Arianna gasped and softened in her grip.

The Headmistress moved back and smiled her smile again, then sat down on the lounge.  Extending one long shapely leg, she indicated at her boots, buckles reaching all the way halfway up her thigh.  Arianna knelt in front of her, and undid each buckle, each one making a small snapping sound. Finally all were undone, and she peeled off the boot and stocking, to reveal the Headmistress’s bare skin.  Her breath caught in her throat.  All up and down the Headmistress’s legs were beautiful lines, raised scars cut into the skin to form arcane patterns covering her entire leg.  She stared in wonder.

“Ah, not many have seen these, and you will, as my Pet and Prefect, keep this… discreet.  Understand?”  Arianna nodded, and looked at the Headmistress.  “May I?” Holding out a hand hesitantly.  Smiling, the Headmistress nodded, and Arianna slowly ran her hand over the ridges, marvelling at the intricacy of the scar work. “What…” The Headmistress put a finger to her lips.

“Wait.  Now is not the time.  The other now, if you please.”

Arianna blushed at her curiousity getting the better of her, and moved to undo the other boot.  Sliding that one off too, she marvelled at the Headmistress’s perfectly arched feet.

Smiling that cat’s smile, the Headmistress purred, “Well, it appears you appreciate a good pair of feet.  That is good, for that is where you will begin.”  Arianna looked puzzled once again, and the Headmistress laughed gently. “Oh girl.  Did you think I was going to use water for my bath?  You are going to be my bath.  Your sweet little tongue is going to clean me, all of me, my little Kitten.”  Arianna blushed.  They were very beautiful feet, pristine and perfect.

She lowered herself, till her back was arched, bottom in the air and head lowered, hands holding the Headmistress’s foot.  The Headmistress looked approvingly at her pose, and the delicious derriere pushed up in the air.

Arianna held the foot reverently in her hand, and leant down, small tongue reaching out from her mouth, to lick at the Headmistress’s little toe.  The Headmistress leant back, closed her eyes and sighed.  Slowly, Arianna thoroughly made her way around the Headmistress’s foot, licking each toe and sucking on them lightly, running her tongue over and under the arch of her soft flesh.  The Headmistress sighed loudly. “You are a very good little cat, Arianna. Very good indeed.”

Glowing with the praise, Arianna began licking up the Headmistress’s leg.  Lingering over taut calves, running her tongue over the soft skin, licking slowly the tender spot behind her knee, up the thigh, slowly, darting her tongue around the inner thigh, making her way up to the Headmistress’s glistening lips, growing wet herself.

Finally she reached the Headmistress’s cunt, and slowly ran her tongue over the outside, then slowly along the inside of the left lip, drawing a slow groan from the Headmistress. She did this several more times, and the Headmistress grabbed her hair in her fist, pulling her back, panting.  “Not yet.  The other side.” She kissed Arianna hard, tasting herself on her, and pushed her back on her heels.

Obediently, Arianna picked up the other foot, and repeated slowly made her way up the Headmistress’s lean form.

By the time she reached the juncture again, the Headmistress was arching back, .  She grabbed her hair again, but this time drew her face onto her, pushing her firmly into her crotch.  Arianna lapped greedily as the Headmistress ground herself in slow moving circles into Arianna’s lush lips, hands tangled in her hair, pulling roughly and hard at her.

Dragging her up by her hair, the Headmistress pushed her face onto her breasts, and began grinding her hips into the smaller girl, sliding over deliciously slippery skin, their flesh and lips meeting and sliding over and around each other.  Both moaned, Arianna buried in the Headmistress’s bosom, still licking and sucking with her pretty little mouth.

Artfully rearranging her long legs around the smaller girl, the Headmistress pushed her sideways onto the soft, velvet lounge, and moved slowly and purposefully, her aim and rhythm as always, perfect.  Riding her with their legs entwined around each other, scars against smooth, silky flesh, the Headmistress grabbed Arianna’s hair, and crushed her lips to hers, tongue expertly darting and seeking in her mouth.  Arianna mewled into the Headmistress’s feral grin, and in moments both their eyes were wide and locked as they shuddered together

Time slowing down
sticky sweet
dripping down their legs
breath in step
sparks between each moment
cracks run through the walls in a flash
outlined in vivid blue
like a pulse
like a shimmering blue vessel

Into a sighing mess on the velvet lounge.

When Arianna opened her eyes, hours had passed and she found her head in the Headmistress’s lap, hands stroking through her hair, smiling mysteriously at her.  She grinned stupidly up at her upside down face, and felt another tingle run through her body.

“Well my little Pet.  It seems that the hour has grown late… and perhaps I should show you to your quarters?”

Arianna’s face fell visibly with disappointment, and the Headmistress laughed throatily.

Her mood lightened considerably however, as the Headmistress led her towards her curtained bed.

Reaching the bed, the Headmistress reached over to a heavy curtain next to her bed, and drew it back, to reveal a small cage, lined with fur, just large enough for a girl of Arianna’s size to curl up in.

The Headmistress grinned wickedly.

“Let me make you at home…”

End Part 2